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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Hi i'm Stephen

I've found over the past few years that if you want to see things change, and that includes yourself, you need to get involved/participate.
Onca you start to find a voiceyou will find that you have a voice and you have expertese you are an expert.
No one else has you experience NO MATTER HOW MANY YEARS THEY HAVE TRAINED OR PRACTISED. Yuo have 24/7 experience, you are a crisis manager, a problem solver a diplomat, an expert in the person you care for and you know tier illness.
All this can be put to good use if you get involved in your Local Health Board/ Authority, whatever you call them in England.
You can be involved at University Level with the training of Nurses and Social Workers, Contact your equivelant of the Care Council for Wales, whch has the over sight of all social care matters in Wales, this incudes the training of Social Workers for the new Batchelor of Arts Social Work Degree.
Contact NIHCE and get involved with NIHCE Guidlines as a Carer Rep.
"The Oportunities are endless" as the recyling advert sayswe can make a difference, DOO IT NOW. Image
Thanks Stephen -there's some really good ideas there.

FYI you can find out more about the National Institute of health and Clinical excellence which provides guidance to GPs and other health professionals and patients about medicines and treatment in the UK:

Other national bodies also involve carers in their policy work- e.g.
Commission for Social Care Inspection][/url],
the National institute for Mental health][/url]
The healthcare Commission

There's also a newly launched NHS Centre for Involvement - where you can find a whole library of resources, publications etc on best practice, ideas about getting involved, who to contact][/url]

If anyone wants any information about this please get in tuch