General Election 2017 ... Clowns Day ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Perhaps George would have crossed 1984 with Animal Farm to produce 2017 ?

Boxer ? Symbolic of ... carers perhaps ?



This one certainly apt in the case of guide dogs and free travel ???




" Must keep you caring , mustn't we ? "

Carers pour scorn on Theresa May’s ‘patronising’ unpaid leave plan

Read more at: ... eave-plan/

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The political circus and our supporting organisations are really doing a good job this year.

Their combined efforts are ensuring that virtually no carer will bother voting.

Waste of time in CarerLand ... always has been.








The Lib Dems bus is very close to falling off the cliff
Several inches of dust on this one ... from CarerWatch ahead of the 2010 election :

Overheard At A Job Centre :

Morning Mr. ....... err ....... X.

Hi !

Let me see ..... ah , your application for Job Seekers Allowance.

Yes , I hope I've completed it correctly ?

Well ..... yes & no.

Any specific problem ?

Mmm .... your stated choice of job.

I've had plenty of experience of that , as a " Carer ".

A 'Carer'.

Yes , the 10 years gap in my work history.

Gap ..... surely as a 'Carer' , you either worked , or was self employed ?

Yes , as a 'Carer'.

Who employed you ?

The government.

A civil servant 'Carer' ?

Not exactly ...... the government paid me a work replacement wage.

Work replacement ?

Yes , carers allowance.

Carers allowance ? That's a benefit , not a wage.

Tell me about it !

Mmmm ..... doesn't fit. I have to amend this application form & put " unemployed " in that section.

Fair enough ..... but I was working ..... as a 'Carer'.

Can't have that , caring is not considered work.

Oka.......y , any other problems ?

Just one ...... the job you are seeking.

Yes ?

A shepherd ?

Yes , I gained plenty of experience of that as a 'Carer'.

How come ?

I had access to the internet , & joined several 'Carer' forums.

Ah , how long did you spend on the internet ? That would affect whether or not you qualified for carers allowance.

No problem there.

Go on , I'm interested.

Whilst monitoring 'Carer' forums , I noticed that many discussions were going nowhere.

Ain't that common with carers , never had a smile out of anyone of 'em ?

Well yes , if you were a 'Carer' , or had been , you'll understand.

Maybe , carry on ..... this shepherding thing.

Yes , discussions .... nobody had bothered to present any alternative ways to them ...... that is , before I arrived.

I'm getting there , very slowly.

Well , I invented a motif to reflect my own view on things , & set to work. I was welcomed onto a forum , & started to post my ideas.

Interesting , where did this shepherding come into it ?

Oh , for exercise , I walked down the road , & found a flock of sheep.

What's the connection ?

I noticed that in the three fields , shepherds were herding sheep into vans destined for the slaughter house.

How many shepherds ?

3 ..... one wearing a red faded hat almost pink , another yellow , the third blue fading to sky blue.

Mmmm .... go on.

Well , I thought to myself , why not try some of my ideas on them ..... after all , the same fate awaited them all ...... what was there to loose ?

You talked to sheep ?

Yes , each day , I went along to the fields , walked amongst the sheep , & tried them with some alternative views as to their fate.

Did it work ?

After 4 months , I didn't enter the field , just watched as the 3 shepherds herded the sheep.

What happened ?

Success ...... at least one sheep turned round , nodded his head , then turned back to accept his fate.

You call that success ?

For me ....... yes !

Fast forward 7 years and .... the same situation ?




Meanwhile , back in the reality of CarerLand and CareeLand , it's business as usual :

Queen says to Thersa. "Don't worry Theresa, it wasn't all your fault"