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It does take any reader into areas well outside caring ... but dovetails back into practical solutions for the staffing crisis in both the NHS and social care.

Consider the question WHY ? ... apply that to the " Windrush " generation ... outsiders brought over to fill the lower pay jobs that , for one reason or another , could not be filled by your average Brit.

Fast forward to 2018 ... the ideal solution IF the policies on immigration were different , and all countries could , quite , literally , determine their own.

And , most importantly , what do you do with the now surplus labour bought in when the economic climate is different ... the very essence of the " Windrush " problem ?

Unlike physical goods , one cannot have a garage sale to sell of surplus supplies !

Now , take a step back and consider this from a different prospective.

A business has the opportunity to source a new supply of raw materials , from another country , at a cheaper price.

Any asute business man would welcome that opportunity and complete the purchase.

Now , consider that analogy with the " Windrush " generation , and the reasons why they were encouraged to uproot , and move across to the UK.

Raw materials ... goods and labour ... both needed for greater efficiency ... and also PROFIT ... by the UK.

Don't lose sight of the resentment first shown to the " Windrush " generation , and more recently , to East Europeans ... both ostracized / demonized in certain quarters for taking away British jobs ... and why weren't the Britiah taking those jobs ? ... the answer to which is NOT for this forum.

Even today , zero contracts are fact of life for those towards the bottom of the employment market.

In our world , would make perfect sense for both the NHS and social care to have the labour resources so needed in many areas.

Only one problem beyond the immigration laws ?

We are dealing with human beings as if there were merely " Raw materials " ... just like cheaper goods available abroad.

Sure , there is the minimum wage ... on many manors , the greatest increase in those now needing food banks is from those on the minimum wage.

London / South East ... what does the minimum wage buy you in terms of housing ?

If additional labour is needed , and there is a housing shortage .... ???

A whole jigsaw puzzle with pieces that simply do not fit together no matter how hard you try.
Gwendolyn Banks updates ?

NONE ... as far as I can trace.

For the first ... and last ... time , I'll let The Sun have the last word ... for now.

( APOLOGIES to any readers in the Merseyside area ! )
STARS AND GRIPES Nan, 62, who has lived in UK for 57 years has Universal Credit cut after being deemed American

Gwendolyn Banks, who is legal guardian to her four-year-old granddaughter, moved to England with her parents when she was just five years old

In CarerLand , nobody is forgotten ...

Fifteen minutes of fame ?

Sorry Andy , not in our world !
UK born ex pats now returning to the UK ?

Three links posted on another thread ... the RESIDENCY issue ... when it comes to claiming any benefits / allowances on your return :

CAB : ... -benefits/

Age UK : ... d-heading/

Independent Age ( 30 pages worth in .pdf format ) : ... road_0.pdf

I hope that they prove to be of assistance to anyone reading this thread ... even though they do make depressing reading for most.

Working abroad ?

Perhaps a case of ... Auf Wiedersehen , Benefits ?


Good luck to any official in Oz's local job centre when he returns seeking a hand out ???