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Many of the food banks now have " Utensils " as part of their service.

Trouble is ... running costs ... one reason why microwaves are in such great demand ... less energy use.

In addition , the cost of some of the so called cheaper foodstuffs out there ... even the food banks run out regularly of these foods.

At Street Level , even a fiver a week more on the meter can make all the difference.

Zero hour contracts ... also a factor ... many parents do not know from one day to the next if they will be needed ... how can " Family " meals be scheduled under those conditions ?

Two of my immediate neighbours recently completed a five week stretch of eight hours per night , five nights a week in response to an increased supermarket order coming in to one of our local factories.

Trouble was , said order would last that supermarket until the end of January. My neighbours now await the next call for work ... and both are having trouble with the local job centre ... under Universal Credit and irregular earnings ... just does not compute !

The only way many readers can really get an idea of what's happening at Street Level is to sample survival as is for low millions out there ... including many of our comrades.

Imagine survival ... a daily choice of to eat / heat / keeping a roof over one's head ... with a FIXED level of income ... and rising costs in both heat and rent !!!

FOOD / ENERGY / HOUSING ... the BIG THREE ... too many on this forum take those for granted.

Probably , the widest chasm in CarerLand ... those who live ... and those who survive ???????????????????
Here is a breakdown by nation and region of the number of emergency supplies handed out by the Trussell Trust foodbank network between April 1 and September 30 2018.

The list is organised alphabetically and reads, from left to right: nation/region; supplies handed to adults; supplies handed to children; total supplies handed out; percentage change on the same period in 2017.

East Midlands : 19,485; 11,103; 30,588; up 3.3%
Eastern England : 40,911; 24,888; 65,799; up 14.5%
London: 46,805 ; 25,434; 72,239; up 22.9%
North-east England : 15,829; 7,152; 22,981; up 8.4%
North-west England : 61,023; 35,078; 96,101; up 10.0%
Northern Ireland : 8,228; 5,438; 13,666; down 1.3%
Scotland: 60,461 ; 27,520; 87,981; up 14.6%
South-east England: 38,893 ; 22,026; 60,919; up 10.9%
South-west England: 36,359 ; 21,130; 57,489; up 13.6%
Wales: 31,390 ; 17,181; 48,571; up 12.8%
West Midlands: 39,713; 21,340; 61,053; up 16.2%
Yorkshire & the Humber: 26,190; 14,471; 40,661; up 17.0%

For those in Northern Ireland , being bottom of the league on performance terms is a blessing in disguise ?

658,048 emergency supplies handed out ... IN SIX MONTHS !!!
Sheffield Wednesday supporters urged to help foodbank at Derby County game.

The season of goodwill is fast approaching and Sheffield Wednesday supporters are being asked to bring something a little different to their game against Derby County on Saturday.

The Owls have teamed up with S6 Foodbank, whose dedicated volunteers will host two dropoff points at Hillsborough.

Fans have been asked to non-perishable food to the drop-off points, which will be open on the South Stand bridge and at the Owls Megastore from noon until kick-off.

For more information or if you would like to donate to the S6 Foodbank visit
Food bank use to soar to record levels over Christmas as UK families struggle to pay basic living costs, charity warns.

Britain’s largest food bank charity is bracing for its busiest month ever during the approach to Christmas, as the number of families unable to afford their basic living costs continues to rise.

The Trussell Trust said it provided nearly 160,000 three-day emergency food supplies in December last year – a 49 per cent increase on the monthly average for the 2017-18 financial year.

The figure was 10 per cent up on December 2016, and food bank use has soared by more than 13 per cent this year. The charity provided over 650,000 emergency supplies to people in crisis between April and September 2018, compared with the 580,000 over the same period the previous year.

Inability of benefits to cover essential living costs, as well as delays in welfare payments under universal credit, remain the most common reasons for people being referred to a food bank, the trust said.

Chief executive Emma Revie said it was “unacceptable that anyone should have to use a food bank in the first place”.

She continued: “Our benefits system is supposed to protect us all from being swept into poverty, but what we’re seeing is people struggling to heat homes and put food on the table because they simply cannot afford the basics anymore and that just isn’t right.

“We do not want to be here in the long term, continuing to pick up the pieces.

“That’s why we’re urging the government to ensure benefit payments reflect the cost of living and reduce the waiting time for universal credit to help ensure we are all anchored from poverty.”

Margaret Greenwood, shadow work and pensions secretary, said the figures were a “clear warning to government” that no family should be forced to turn to a food bank, and said the new benefit system had contributed to the rise.

“Universal credit is failing and the punitive social security regime that the Conservatives have created is forcing many people into severe hardship instead of protecting them from poverty,” she said.

The warnings come amid mounting concern over government’s flagship welfare reform universal credit, which academics have described as a “complicated, dysfunctional and punitive” system that is pushing people into debt and rent arrears.

The Independent revealed last week that more than half of people denied universal credit were found to be entitled to it when their cases were investigated, prompting fresh demands for the national rollout of the new system to be halted.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said: “The reasons for people using food banks are complex, and it would be wrong to link a rise to any one cause. No one should have to face hardship with universal credit and we have made 100 per cent advances available from day one.

“For families that need extra support we are spending £90bn a year on working-age welfare, and we recently announced a £39m partnership with Citizens Advice to support vulnerable people to make and manage their universal credit claim.”
Daily Mirror ... nationwide campaign now launched : ... p-13611903

The UK’s largest food drive to help people in need launched today - here's how you can get involved.

Help a family in need this Christmas by popping a few extra items to your shopping basket at Tesco.

Food plays a huge part in bringing people together at Christmas - but for the millions of people living below the poverty line, it’s a particularly tough time.

They face the prospect of empty cupboards and a struggle to provide meals for themselves or their loved ones.

Tesco wants to help people in need this Christmas so that's why it's working with The Trussell Trust and FareShare to make this happen.

Today the supermarket is launching its Food Collection campaign - the UK's largest food drive - and inviting customers to donate long-life food for those less fortunate.

It's taking place in all Tesco stores across the country from today until Saturday December 1.

And doing your bit is as simple as popping a few extra items to your shopping basket.

All you need to do is take the shopping list below into your local Tesco store, pick the items you want to donate, and leave them at the in-store food collection point.


Tesco has also pledged to top up all customer donations by 20 per cent, so charities get even more help to pass on to those who can really benefit from it.

Some stores collect for their local Trussell Trust foodbank, who deliver emergency food parcels to local people.

Others collect for their regional FareShare depot, who redistribute to community groups and local charities.

Donations to The Trussell Trust’s foodbank network go towards emergency food parcels for people who can’t feed themselves and their families. Items collected for FareShare are distributed to charities and community groups who provide meals for vulnerable groups like isolated older people or those in homeless shelters.

No matter where you donate, every can and every packet helps, and all the food you give will help people in need.

Last year’s Food Collection campaign contributed over 3m meals to people in need, and Tesco is hoping this year will provide even more.

Your trip to the checkout this weekend could be the difference between someone in your community being happy, not hungry this Christmas

There are many reasons why people find themselves in this situation, from receiving an unexpected bill when on a low income to being alone and struggling to fight an addiction.


But you can help those in your local community who find themselves facing a crisis.

Charity officials across the country are backing this year's fantastic Food Collection scheme.

Stratford-upon-Avon foodbank manager Marion Homer stressed how vital donations are.

She said: “With need growing all the time, the food we receive from Tesco and The Trussell Trust means we’re able to continue helping any local people who are in need of a helping hand.

“If demand continues to grow at this rate, by December, which has always been our busiest period, we will be feeding over 250 people a month.”

And Sue Sibany-King, manager of the Slough Foodbank - which provides 3,000 emergency food parcels every year to people in need - added: “If you are hungry you can’t think about anything else except feeding yourself and your family. If you take that away it lets people take control.

“Our work is only possible because of the generosity of people donating. By giving during the Food Collection people will be having a direct impact on someone at the very point support is most needed.”

So help FareShare and The Trussell Trust help others by donating to Tesco’s Food Collection this weekend.

Even a small donation can make a big difference.

Don't forget folks , the UK is the FIFTH richest country in the world ... for a few ???
At last , some good news ... of sorts :
Facebook " Food bank challenge " fills trolleys across England.

A social media challenge where people film themselves filling a trolley with donations for food banks has been described as a "Christmas miracle".

Watson Harrop, 29, a proud Gypsy from Bishop Auckland in County Durham challenged his friends on Facebook to film themselves loading up a trolley.

Mr Harrop said he had heard the challenge had now spread worldwide.

Food banks nationwide have thanked the generosity of the traveller community which is where the trend first started.

One food bank in Coventry told the BBC it had received enough donations as a result of this challenge to feed people into the new year.

"This Christmas, there's going to be children going without food and that's the problem for me," Mr Harrop said.


Raising awareness

"The concept is quite simple," he said. People film themselves with their food bank donations and challenge friends to do the same on social media.

He said it was "irrelevant" how much money people spend on the shopping. "If someone buys 10 tins of beans for £2, that is good enough".

Simon Duggan was nominated on Monday and made a donation to his local food bank in Dungannon, Northern Ireland.

"It wouldn't have crossed my mind to donate to a food bank," he said, but the campaign is helping to "raise awareness".

"Other people are more needy," he said. "And it's obviously a good cause."

At one local food bank in Darlington, manager Caroline Todd said the influx of donations has been "an absolute miracle of Christmas".

" Wages don't stretch far "

"I've never seen anything like it," she said. "I was absolutely speechless."

Coventry Food bank manager Hugh McNeil said he was "stunned" as he received calls from supermarkets with trolleys of donations to collect.

"It's a real bonus for us," he said, adding that the 17 centres in Coventry distribute three tonnes of food per week.

In Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire, food banks said they were "blown away" by the generosity of the traveller community.

Mr Harrop said one of his local food banks now had enough food to last until July.

"Sadly wages don't stretch far enough," he said, "but if people can get a leg up... one of those kids might get something for Christmas."
A logical solution when travelling is too expensive ?

Merseyside food banks to hand out free bus tickets.

Thousands of free bus tickets are to be handed out to people travelling to food banks across Merseyside this winter.

The 3,000 tickets will be paid for by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the bus companies Stagecoach and Arriva.

City Region Mayor Steve Rotheram said that while the need for such a move was "heartbreaking", it was a "duty" that he "could not shirk".

There has been a sharp increase in demand for food banks in recent years.

According to the Trussell Trust charity, the number of people who rely on them for emergency supplies across the UK hit record levels last year.

On Merseyside recipients face an average six-mile round trip to get to their nearest food bank, according to Dave Kelly of the Fans Supporting Foodbanks charity.

Food banks will be given the free bus tickets and asked to distribute them to those in greatest need.

"This country's food banks are acting as a safety net, literally saving people living in abject poverty from starving to death," Mr Rotheram said.

"I am proud that we are playing our part. It's heart-breaking that we should have to do this but this is a duty that we cannot shirk."


Howard Farrall, managing director of Arriva Merseyside, said: "Christmas can be a very difficult time of year for many and so it is more important than ever to reach out and help those in need."

Rob Jones, managing director of Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire, said he was "delighted" to be involved in the scheme since "we know access to transport is vital".

The so called " Festive season " ... a return to Victorian times for low millions ???
Ground zero ... West Yorkshire ... a food bank with NO qualifying criteria :

Pop-up food bank is needed to support families at Christmas.

A pop-up food bank has begun at Outwood Academy Hemsworth in the run up to Christmas.

The no-questions-asked emergency food bank will be open to all, and no names or details of those who need the food bank will be taken.

Amie Gyte, who works at the academy, said the food bank would support families who faced a gap in their benefits during December.

She said: “It’s the universal credit system.

“Families in this area are going to be without money for five weeks over the Christmas period, and we want to help them.

“As a trust we feel it is important to support our local communities in any way we can.”

It takes around five weeks for the first monthly payment of Universal Credit to be processed.

The benefit, a new type of payment for working people which merges six benefits into one, has been widely criticised, and was recently described in a report by the UN as a “harsh and arbitrary” system.

According to the Trussell Trust, a UK charity dedicated to ending hunger, more than half of referrals to a food bank between April and September 2018 were due to low income or benefit delays.

The Trust says that just eight per cent of claimants feel their Universal Credit award covers their full cost of living, and that 70 percent found themselves in debt while waiting for payment.

Earlier this year, St Catherine’s Church, in Wakefield, launched an emergency appeal after their food bank supplies dropped to a dangerously low level.

The church says that their food bank, which sees as many as 40 visitors every day, issues around 150 food parcels each week, and that numbers have increased as universal credit rolls out.

Angela Jones, the church’s volunteer coordinator, said: “We have conversations with people struggling to know when they’re going to get money, or worrying it will clash with a bank holiday.

“It’s had an effect already, but it’s going to get worse. We are seeing an increase in visitors each week.

“Thankfully we’ve also had an increase in donations. That doesn’t make the system okay but that’s what we’re here for.”

The food bank at Outwood Academy Hemsworth will run in The Hub from 4.30pm to 5.30pm on Monday, December 10, Monday December 17 and Thursday, December 20.

Dry foods, including cereal, tea and coffee, rice, pasta, biscuits and tinned food such as beans, soup and fruit are all required, and can be left at the academy’s reception, or sent to school with students.

Cash donations are also accepted, and will be used to purchase stock for the food bank.

Email for more information.

“Innovative and creative” solutions are needed to end hunger in the UK, a committee was told.

Adam Smith, founder of The Real Junk Food Project, which aims to eliminate food waste, told the Environmental Audit Committee that “everybody should have a basic provision of food, regardless of their situation.”

He said: “If we want to end hunger we need to feed everybody and make sure that everybody has the human right to have access to food. We waste so much of it in this country that we could feed everybody with just the waste alone.”

8 Christmas campaigns supporting food banks.

Tesco, FareShare & Trussell Trust

Tesco held food collections in stores on 29 and 30 November, and 1 December, to give to FareShare and Trussell Trust. Volunteers were in-store handing out shopping lists with suggested donations that customers could buy and then leave for collection.

Are you a charitable organisation ? Would you like to receive fresh food to help spread festive cheer to those in need this Christmas ? Our stores will close for Christmas on 24th December and we’re donating surplus fresh fruit, fish, meat and more. Sign up now to get involved.

— Aldi Stores UK (@AldiUK) November 6, 2018


Aldi is again donating its leftover food to charity when it closes its stores on 24 December. Aldi’s scheme allows charities and community groups pair up with local stores and collect perishable food products such as fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, fish and bread after the 6pm closing time. Last year, it worked with over 350 charities, donating 464,000 meals.

We need your help to brighten 1 million Christmases this season! Find our food bank priority signs in store and donate if you can 🌟

— Sainsbury's (@sainsburys) November 26, 2018


Sainsbury’s is encouraging people to give food donations with its Help to Brighten a Million Christmases campaign. The campaign sees new on-shelf labels highlighting priority items to reach people as they do their shopping. The idea came from a group of National Citizen Service graduates who noticed that food bank bins were often not seen by customers until they had completed their shop.

We know that this is an important topic all year round, and any community projects or local charities that would benefit from partnering with one of our stores throughout the year, can find out more here:

— Lidl UK (@LidlUK) November 28, 2018


Lidl is working with its stores to distribute unsold surplus food to local communities, connecting to charities, food banks, community cafes and soup kitchens through Neighbourly’s Feed it Back to share its surpluses. This Christmas it is donating millions of Christmas dinners.

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen has partnered with FareShare to provide 100,000 meals to families most in need this Christmas. Ella’s will be donating 25p from every sold Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner pouch to FareShare to provide a meal to a UK family affected by food poverty.

Another massive donation from @FirstAidNorth for our Matthew Project Christmas Food Bank appeal. Thanks guys we are very grateful for your contribution. #Northumberland #FirstAid #FoodBank #Christmas

— Bedlington Police (@BedlingtonPol) December 2, 2018

Bedlington Police

Bedlington Police have launched a drive for donations to the Matthew Project food bank to help struggling families in the run-up to Christmas. Bernicia, Solo Blinds, and First Aid North are among the businesses donating so far.

🤝 | The Blades are asking fans to donate items for a local Foodbank in a week-long initiative to help people in need at Christmas.

🗣 Between Monday (10th Dec) and Friday (14th) food donations can be left at Bramall Lane between 9am & 5pm.

— Sheffield United (@SUFC_tweets) November 29, 2018

Sheffield United

The Sheffield Blades is running a week long collection for a local food bank to help local people this Christmas. Alongside food donations, they are also asking for gifts of cash, and items traditionally bought at Christmas such as selection boxes or toiletries sets. The collection runs from 10-14 December.

Foodbanks shouldn’t exist in 2018. But they do… so join us on the 6th Dec, at @MakeNorthDocks with @smallstepsevent for a night of music, art activism and fun. We’ll all be making a Christmas collection of non-perishable donations for the food bank.

— Make. (@makeliverpool) November 30, 2018


Liverpool social enterprise Make is holding a night of music, art activism and fun on 6 December with Small Steps Events to help those struggling over the Christmas period. For entry, people are encouraged to donate essential food bank items such as non-perishable foods, toiletries and sanitary items.



Rollout so far ... regions and the numbers :

Around SEVEN MILLION once the steamroller has completed it's tour.


How does universal credit work ?

Universal credit combines six "legacy benefits" into one monthly means tested payment. The legacy benefits are working tax credits, child tax credit, job seekers allowance, income support, employment support allowance and housing benefit.

A single universal credit payment is then paid directly into the claimant's bank account.

Since 2016 new benefit claimants have been enrolled onto the system. For those people claiming benefits from before 2016, they will be moved onto the new system from 2019 onwards.

Its estimated eventually seven million households will be receiving benefit payments worth £60bn a year through universal credit.

Source: House of Commons Library
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