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Very apt Colin.

Add on malnutrition and several medical conditions not seen since Victorian times , a bleak snapshot of life for the increasing number of casaulties in today's Sad New World.


Yet another one ... Swansea , West Wales .... and they have the whole of August to go : ... s-40769471
Swansea food bank runs out 'due to school holiday'

Let's hope that winter 2017 / 2018 turns out to be fairly mild.

Otherwise , there could well be serious problems nationwide ( If there weren't already ? ).

This time , a report from the second largest city in the UK ... Birmingham : ... g-13437902
The number of children relying on food banks is set to surge in the West Midlands during the school holidays.

The Trussell Trust, the UK’s biggest food bank charity, has warned that thousands of children will go hungry over the next few weeks.

Figures show that the number of children relying on food banks in the West Midlands rose by more than a sixth in the summer school holiday months last year.

A total of 6,600 children used food banks in the West Midlands in July and August last year.

That was up 17% compared to the previous two months - the second biggest “summertime rise” out of all the regions in the country.

The Trussell Trust said the increase in demand was caused by the summer holidays, which mean that children were left without their regular school meal.

Samantha Stapley, Operations Manager for England at The Trussell Trust, said: “We welcome the government’s decision to maintain free school lunches for children during term time – the next step must be to help families during the holidays.

“Foodbanks are doing more than ever before but voluntary organisations alone cannot stop primary school children facing hunger.”

With the continuing rollout of UC , this winter will be " Interesting " especially if the weather adds to the equation.

Heat or eat ?

Perhaps a new slogan for several million of our fellow citizens ?
Numerous reports from virtually all parts of the UK over the last week , two are recorded on here :

Huddersfield , West Yorkshire : ... s-13446632
The rise of the working poor and food banks in our wealthy nation

How a Huddersfield food bank has seen a 17-fold increase in demand - and why.

Culloden , Scottish Highlands : ... 082017.htm

Michelle Gowans, network librarian for Culloden and surrounding libraries, is credited with coming up with the idea.

And Mr McGrath added: "There are a lot of pensioners and vulnerable people on low income who depend on places like this.

"And I keep harping on that the greater Culloden area has the biggest population of between 35,000 and 40,000 people, so there is definitely a need for a charitable service like this.

"The Culloden Library is quite a central point for people, but as I say the talks have only started."

A spokeswoman for Blythswood welcomed the proposal for a new food bank.

She said: "It is at the very early stages.

"But there is a need for this for various reasons including the problems with the new universal credits where people can wait up to seven weeks to be processed."

More reports will follow ... regretably.

Perhaps my own eye witness account in December as the UC bandwagon comes to town ... without the clowns , of course !



I would add that I'm receiving upto 10 enquiries per week from various sources on this Issue which indicates that it is highly controversial for many readers who , for one reason or another , have decided not to post on this thread.

The word EMBARRASSING also springs to mind ... a sense of financial failure ?

It is not " Embarrassing " to become a casaulty in today's Sad New World.

After all , 1 in 4 are close to / at / below the official poverty line ... many through being less abled / caring / elderly have no choice in the matter.
Today's Guardian .... report from Trussells on the problems with supplies almost nationwide : ... k-shortage

The charity said 42 of its centres – about 10% of its network – released an urgent appeal for items on social media, or through local media, in the past three months.

Rev Chris Lewis, chair of Eastside food bank, said changes to the benefits system were also a contributory factor. He said food banks were facing more pressure than ever, pointing to a 40% rise in referrals in the year from May 2016.

“People are being referred to us because of benefit sanctions and because of quite long delays in changes to benefits,” Lewis said.

This year Trussell Trust said the chaotic introduction of universal credit, the government’s flagship welfare overhaul, had increased food bank use. The charity said many claimants were unable to afford meals when their benefits were delayed.

He noted that many food banks around the country were also struggling. He said of his facility: “On the first Friday of the holidays we got to a critically low level, which would have wiped out our stock the following Friday if we got no more in … we wouldn’t have been able to give people enough ingredients to make a meal.”

The rollout of Universal Credit , together with it's inbuilt delays continues .... unabated.
Woking , Surrey for this one.

In the heart of middle class England where many readers can only dream of living : ... e-13481969

Complete with video.


Well on course for food banks to be the fastest , growing industry in the UK with no signs of a slowdown.
On par with the medals dished out to young carers ?

The System " Rewards " vounteers from a food bank : ... y-service/

Milton Keynes Food Bank granted prestigious Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

A few might applaud .... as for most , please respect the Forum rules and ... no profanity !

Cynics amongst our ranks ?

I hope the " Suits " enjoyed their five course nose bag shortly afterwards ???

On par with the " Spread " appearing on the Voice's Faceache page in " Celebration " of Carers Week.

Somewhat hypocritical given the Plight of far too many carers !
Guardian readers letters ... 22 August 2017 ... their experiences : ... employment

'I use food banks' – workers on the impact of the pay squeeze

With real pay falling again in the three months to May, cash-strapped households continue to feel the pinch. We asked readers to share their experiences

Comments section at the bottom going into orbit .... 770 as I type.

One comment very close to several I made on CarerWatch almost a decade ago :

This is all a low level discussion. When the problem is at the very top. It's called neoliberalism. It means that your entire existence is market driven, with no social element.

And this neoliberalism comes from our governments (of the last 30 years!).

We need to refocus top down, for example this

"BASIC GOODS PROVISION: All Europeans should enjoy in their home country the right to basic goods (e.g. nutrition, shelter, transport, energy), to paid work contributing to the maintenance of their communities while receiving a living wage, to decent social housing, to high quality health and education, and to a sustainable environment. "

Worth a few minutes of any reader's time.
Craigavon , Northern ireland for this one : ... -1-8118186


Collating reports and statstistics as best I can across the Internet indicates the largest sector growth for referrals for food banks is from working citizens , those on the minimum wage and the dreaded zero hour contracts.

No doubt Trussells will confirm in their next update probably mid autumn before the " Real " fun begins as the temperature drops and the nights draw in.

Socially , the last real bad winter was 1974 ... the time of the 3 day week , and selected power cuts nationwide.

Let's hope the winter of 2017 / 2018 does not go down in history for the wrong reasons ...

There again , Universal Credit rolls out across my manor on the 1st. December ....
Gloucestershire for this one , not an area one would expected problems of this nature ? ... ren-384819

Video on front page , click to cancel if so required.

Foodbanks reveal shocking numbers of children in Gloucestershire who would have gone hungry without emergency food aid.

Demand at the county's Foodbanks is soaring due to low pay and benefit sanctions

The Foodbanks in the Forest of Dean have fed a total of 730 children since the start of 2017 - that's 11 per cent up on last year.

While in seemingly affluent Cheltenham, 322 children have received emergency food parcels since April.

And Tewkesbury's Foodbank has fed 150 children in the town this summer.

Anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust, which runs Foodbanks nationally, has said last summer 47 per cent of children who received food aid were between five and 11-years-old.

One of the common factors ?

They say low wages and benefit sanctions are also driving people to Foodbanks, and the adoption of Universal Credit - which will replace many benefits - will see more people needing their support later this year.

Susan Sutton, manager of the Cheltenham Foodbank in St George's Road, said her Foodbank sees people who have had their benefits sanctioned for up to a year.

"It's families who are working as well," she said. "What do they do with their children? It' a choice of either giving up a job and looking after the children because they can't afford child care to look after them in the holidays."
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