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Fancy a paid job?

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In the Telegraph today there is a suggestion that family carers should be trained up, so that when their loved ones die, they are already qualified to care for others as a paid job? What do you reckon?
Seems quite a good idea to me. There is no one better placed to care for another than someone with experience who knows the ropes and pitfalls etc. I think agencies like to recruit carers with life experience anyway though so not sure how different it would be.
Definitely NO THANK YOU !

After caring for Mum for 5 years the very last thing I wanted to do was to care for someone else - paid or unpaid.

I had a very good career - in fact two; the first was based in Travel (initially with British Airways and Qantas and then as Travel Manager for a major television company) and the second in Project Management (for a high end European office furniture company supplying blue chip companies in the City); if I had had to go back to work after Mum died then it would have been to one or the other of those.
I think the person who wrote the article should be the first to take their own advice! I'm sure they'd adore giving up their prestigious job in journalism to be a lowly drudge (simply to allow other people to continue with their own high powered jobs so they don't have to have the bother of looking after their own elderly relatives).

Honestly, I'm speechless (except I'm not!).....supposing there was an article saying that women who'd looked after their pres-schoolers, who had now gone to school, should promptly take on someone else's pre-schoolers to look after......

I really, really don't know where this author is coming from...except that I suspect they've been sponsored by the government who are desperate to offload elder-caring from the NHS/SS etc.....

I'd take a punt that 99% of people who had endured looking after their elderly parents to the end would rather punch themselves in the head than take on someone else's elderly parent to look after!!!!

What one can - just about! - cope with in looking after one's own relatives is utterly different in looking after someone else's. I know whereof I speak as it's a completely different kettle of fish looking after my MIL, rather than my own mother.
Can someone do a link for the article?
Thanks Melly.
Thank you for posting the link to the article, which I've now read, and has made me even more hopping mad than I was before!

It's the most patronising insulting thing I've read in ages! For a start, how dare they say that an unpaid carer would then need 'training' to get 'qualifications' - how dare they say there is more for us to learn than we already know from years of hard earned experience?

And how dare they call caring a career? A career has advancement and the opportunities for achieving seniority. All they want is more drudges! That's not a career!

And how dare they think they can solve the problem of the ever increasing numbers of acopic elderly by dumping them on us when we've finished being carers for our own family!

It's the most shameful, disgraceful 'solution' I've ever read. As if our lives weren't bad enough as it is - to then think they can imprison us for even longer, looking after other people's parents!
Maybe I will feel differently when I get my freedom back but I find it quite therapeutic going from one grumpy old man to another , then another and then back home to my own. It can be very amusing and keeps things in perspective. Personally it helps me cope as I have the grumpiest of the lot! It sort of removes the personal bit out of coping with the grump :? :lol:
I never liked my "career" anyway so couldn't wait for a reason to do something more worthwhile. Sometimes you need a big shove to get out of a rut.
I have read the article quite carefully and nowhere does it say that it is mandatory to go into caring afterwards. It wont be for everyone (it wouldnt be for me), but for many who are re-entering the job market with a very large gap in their CV and no career to return to, but lots of experience in caring, it might be just the thing.
IMO it is a step towards people regarding what we do as carers as important and worthwhile.