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Sturdy girl
"No matter what happens, I would NEVER allow my children to be talked into care work, it's totally unfair to them and the residents."

Good for you however, there are some really nice young people out there who care and want to make a difference - in my view they shouldn't be exploited by the government and private care companies.

The government have found away round this by making out they will invest in young people. The coalition government will fund £1 billion in funds to help young unemployed people to find work!
Sounds good doesn't it! Earn and Learn.

Clegg said: the scheme enabled young people to "earn or learn" and differed from the last Labour administration's approach because it put the emphasis on the private sector not government jobs.
“Mr Clegg warned: those who do not sign up for the new agreement will be asked to carry out "mandatory work activity" and those who drop out of jobs or work experience schemes will risk losing their benefits.”

What the government is not revealing in all this, is that care companies charge about £18 an hour so there is no wonder private care companies will sign up to this deal in droves and make a bloody profit paying a young person £2.50 an hour!

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/1bn-fund-young ... 41854.html
Hi Entity,

I completely agree with your comments.
For me, the only reason I wouldn't like my children to work in a care home is that when my Dad was in the late stages of lung cancer, I just couldn't manage his more 'personal' care, so he was found a room in a lovely home with lovely staff.
I visited every day for hours on end and saw just how much the care workers had to do.
The staff were patient, kind and caring.
If a young person has the patience, kindness, and caring attitude, but most of all wants to do this job, then with full training they should be allowed to do so, but not through some government scheme that pays pittance.
They should be paid full going rate.
To me this is a job that should be seen as an important service, to me it was priceless, knowing my Dad was in good hands.