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I am absolutely disgusted with this... absolutely disgusted... Image Image Image

I really hate to say i told you so but i have a very similar post to yours entity on page 4 of the Panorama thread. Wait till they start forcing people to do placements in care homes as "work for your dole" part of the Mandatory Work Related Activity programme. You could end up with a case where someone who doesnt want to be there (but has to be under the threat of losing benefit if they dont) and there resentment would build. I probably dont need to say what could happen in an extreme case. Would relatives want their loved one cared for by someone who basically doesnt want to do it but is only there because they are being blackmailed into doing it? This is another ticking time bomb.
Diva, I share your concern and agree with your analysis. Image the problem is who is responsible for highlighting this a top level?
Perhaps Carers UK, Age UK and Disability Charities will add it to their to do list.

What really concerns me is that private care agencies are actively being encouraged to employ 16 -18 year olds to provide care. This is social engineering including promoting a low wage economy £2.50 an hour for goodness sake!

[quote] The guidance, confirms that young practitioners can be employed in adult social care providing]

http://www.skillsforcare.org.uk/news/la ... _2011.aspx
I consider it utterly inappropriate for a 16-18 year old to provide intimate personal care. Care is not simply dealing with bodily functions and needs but understanding and dealing with the interaction between physical illness/disability and psychological needs and neither do I see the majority of people of that age having sufficient experience of life or sufficient maturity to be able to appropriately deal with this integral aspect of care. I pity any 16-18 year old let loose on my husband Image Image Image .
I was very pleased to read this,
"Code of conduct to be drafted for care workers"

Not so pleased with this statement]In February, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley ruled out compulsory registration for care workers and scrapped the last government's plans for a register.
Mr Lansley reportedly said that a compulsory system couldn't be justified in the current economic climate. [/quote]
Thx for the link D

An opportunity for 16-18 year olds to work in home care for the elderly, learning all aspects of care work including personal care.
Apprentice care assistant £2.50 per hour shifts – government funding available to 16-18 year olds and the vacancy is exempt from the National Minimum Wage.
This is disgraceful and it needs to be stopped!
I thought personalisation was to do with choice and control Image but for many who are in care homes they are being subjected to children wiping their bums – because this is what personal care equates to for many.

When I left school I did an apprenticeship and was paid the going rate, ‘this is exploitation' by private care companies and the jobcentre plus is advertising it for god sake! Image Image Image
This was the going rate when left school
They still get more than I did when I did my NVQ - lets say I did a 40 hour working week Monday to friday 9am to 5pm. My wages at the end of the week was £40. Doesn't take a genius to work out I was paid £1 an hour.

For that, I was bullied and discriminated against on a daily basis and there was nothing I could do about it because there didn't seem to be a complaints procedure in place and if there was, then there was certainly no information about it passed through to the "trainee's".

That's why I've been dead against these so called NVQ's, which in my opinion is just a legal form of child slavery. After all, what can our children do about it? The answer is nothing - the connexions (or whatever they are called now) centres don't offer full-time employment for school leavers and the jobcentre won't touch you until you are 18. So no matter which way they look at it, they are screwed.
All incredibly sad. Governments etc still don't value our young people, so how can they value themselves?
This is a tricky situation for me.
My son is in college,- he wants to be a teacher, wants to go to UNI but the cost is unbelievable.
He has found that he can do a teaching apprenticeship (if a school will take him on,- currently in talks with headmaster) .
This will give him experience and extra qualifications.
While I am happy he is taking control and making decisions for himself, I am disgusted that he feels his only option is to take on a low paid job to better himself.
I know companies can 'opt' to pay the apprentices a little extra, but how many will?

No matter what happens, I would NEVER allow my children to be talked into care work, it's totally unfair to them and the residents.