Following on from another posting in a different section , I took the opportunity to briefly resource
this topic.

To my knowledge , never featured before other than a Carers UK report in 2011 which made mention
of the numbers.

Thanks to a Google search , several supporting organisations were revealed catering for those carers
amongst our ranks.

Problems highlighted are slightly different to the ones we normally see as the concept of " Caring " is
viewed differently. Religion is also a factor as maybe seen if one compares Northern to Southern Europe.

Just one observation on Government and LA policy.

Diversity amongst carers reflects society. Now , add in the ethnic element.

How can any " One size fits all " policy work for all in our world ?

I leave the answer to that one to the policy makers.

A slightly deeper question.

Can we / our supporting organisations learn anything from " Them " which would be to our advantage.

Carers are .... carers.