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Parents want law change after disabled son dropped on escala - Carers UK Forum

Parents want law change after disabled son dropped on escala

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THE parents of a severely disabled man who was dropped down an escalator by his carer have launched a bid to change health and safety laws.

The elderly couple, from Dumfries, who have asked not to be identified, have held talks with Scottish Government officials and contacted MPs and ministers in Westminster.

They want to amend the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which covers the whole of the UK, so that personal carers are bound by the same legislation as other workers and companies. At present, they believe there is no protection for some of the UK’s most vulnerable people from being put in dangerous positions.

Their 42-year-old, who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, talk or feed himself, was injured while visiting Loreburne shopping centre, in Dumfries, in November 2010.
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What do you think?
I think it's ridiculous. But not for the reasons you might think. The Health and Safety at Work Act only covers employees and employers - never has covered patients, carees, shop customers, etc. So that was always a non-starter.

However, it is a safeguarding issue: what the care worker did more likely constitutes neglect. If the worker knew they should use the lift, to attempt to take a wheelchair up an escalator is putting themselves at risk but absolutely puts the person in the wheelchair at serious risk: bear in mind that there are lots of warnings about pushchairs and escalators...surely that constitutes serious neglect?
I am horrified at this.The Care Worker should never have attempted to take the man on the escalator.When my children were small,and now with my grandson if we have a pushchair with us(very much smaller than a wheelchair),we go in a lift,or do not go to another floor if the lift is broken.
Surely common sense alone dictates that you just cannot take a wheelchair on an escalator ? Especially one containing a fully grown man Image
But how common is common sense.It doesn`t exist in Government,Schools,Social Services,so why would we expect a hired carer on minimum wage with barely enough education to perform to have any?Neglect is the issue.Neglect by the carer for allowing the incident to occur,neglect by Government for not ensuring adequate training is available for carers,neglect by Government/Social Services/CQC,for not ensuring that the standard of carers available is suitable to the needs of the carees,neglect by society as a whole for not giving a s### unless it makes headline news Image Image Image
This is very odd as well as disturbing. Obviously it happened and there is no disputing that, but I cannot figure out why on earth this careworker would have purposefully chosen to attempt the escalator.
The gentleman with CP was fully grown so it would have needed quite a considerable effort to manoeuver him onto the escalator when it would have been physically much easier for the worker to have used the lift.

Does the lack of Health and Safety include careworkers employed by an agency used by local authority too? If so that is one incredibly massive loophole which I knew nothing about and would join any campaign to get it changed.
What most people don't understand is that the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 only covers workers. It does not cover anyone (directly) in their care. That is why this is actually a safeguarding/neglect issue.
OK... dumb question time... WTH were they doing trying to take him up an escalator??? Surely a lift would have been a better idea!!!.

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