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income support integrity centre.

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I have recently been sent an income support application form from called an 'integrity centre' form. Its not from my usual office and arrived out of the blue. I care for my wife who has MS and am wondering what this is about. Is this the start of things being cut or gone through with a fine tooth comb!?
Not sure what it means to be honest. We've just had a visit from Performance Measurement from DWP re hubby's guarantee pension- felt iffy to me. I'm seriously worried.
Aparently four 'Integrity' Centres have been set up to re-evaluate claims for income support relating to people or partners who receive DLA. smacks of cuts to me in some shape or other. I know hundreds of these forms have been sent out, maybe to see if there's some cut to IS that could be justified. I'm expecting my wifes indefinate DLA award to be looked at next.
I don't know if this is the same- but my husband has just suddenly out of the blue had to answer a load of questions re a tiny pension he gets in relation to whether it will affect our income support.Seems kind of fishy to me.
Just got another booklet from the Integrity Centre to be filled out re Income Support.Thought it was worth resurrecting this thread as by now I should think a lot of people will have had these "Income Support Reviews Forms".At first (after looking this up online) people thought these were scam forms.It turns out they aren't.They come from a centre in Chelmsford, solely to look at reviews of Income Support.I filled it out with precise detail and am waiting to hear.They want a lot of detail in them as usual.Laughably ,a worker called up first and said we could do it on the phone in 15 minutes !! thank God I said please post it out ,as there is no way I could have filled out all the amount of detail they wanted over the phone.All kinds of reference numbers and dates to look up.
Anyone else heard from them,and had a response on returning the form?
barrowgirl-we had the same thing,'phone call from JSPlus about IS; we were not happy to give personal information in that way(watching the 'phone hacking stories did not help) So a form was sent from Chelmsford,which we have just sent back.
Great.Post when you hear anything and I'll do the same.
Barrowgirl-all sorted-last time we had a review it was done locally with a visit and the filling of the same/similar form-just another way of doing it.We regularly provide evidence of savings for them to recalculate appropriate amounts we are entitled to.
Well glad yours worked out .I had a phone call re mine ,just a minor thing about the local post office question.I don't know whether they will write again or what.
Just thought I'd post to say we got a letter from income support today to say the amount we are getting has been slightly reduced due a change to my hubs tiny pension.We have no idea what the change is to it but I presume this is as a result of the review we just had.Could have been worse, just glad it's over now.