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Self-Directed Support Act (Scotland) Act: 2014 - Carers UK Forum

Self-Directed Support Act (Scotland) Act: 2014

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Self-Directed Support Act - four key choices
New legislation that will radically alter the shape of social care in Scotland came into force on 1 April 2014. The Self-Directed Support Act places duties on local authorities in Scotland to offer people who are assessed as needing social care the option of designing their own care package.

This could mean receiving a direct payment which they can use, for example, to employ their own support workers. They might choose to have the council hold the funds, while the individual decides how it is spent. Finally, they could opt for the council to arrange the support package for them. They can also choose a mix of all three options.

Around 100,000 people in Scotland are assessed for care in Scotland every year.

Previously, only a relatively small number have been offered the chance to self-direct their own support. The Act gives everyone assessed as needing support the right to four key options.

The four key choices:

Option 1 - direct payment
Option 2 - the person directs the available support
Option 3 - the local authority arranges the support
Option 4 - a mix of the above.
Full Scottish Government press release: http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Self-d ... t-b05.aspx.

Guidance website: http://guidance.selfdirectedsupportscotland.org.uk

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Scottish Government: Extra funding for carers’ breaks

Programme for carers’ holidays reaches £2.25 million

The Scottish Government has announced an extra £250,000 of funding to provide short breaks for disabled children and their families, carers and young carers. This investment has been divided equally between Shared Care Scotland and the Family Fund……
http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Extra- ... s-bb8.aspx
Robert is going to have one of the guys from Shared Care come along to one of his monthly campaign meetings to discuss what would be available for the young adults who are losing their respite provision.

Our social worker also wants to come out to do a proper assessment on Robert for this self directed support stuff. We were concerned that it would simply be used as an excuse to cut his care package but SW has promised no reduction in current services provided. No increase either right enough but we'll wait and see how it goes.

I've been in touch with:
and though they haven't announced it yet, they are accepting new applications for breaks for kids living in Scotland up to and including 20 years old. You can use the money - up to £500 - for all kinds of things: we have put it towards sailing and ski holidays in the past. Very easy application form: I'm putting mine in today.