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Emergency budget 2010 - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Emergency budget 2010

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Hi all
and conditional on working 35 hours per week all for £53 .....
How many carers care for their carees just 35 hours a week? Even if we're not actually caring for our carees we still have to be there for them just in case they need us.
What i don't understand is, my wife stopped having medical assessments years ago and was put on 'dla for life' as it was deemed that her condition would never get any better and it hasn't. So what is the point of her having a medical assessment now? How much is it going to cost to assess every dla claimant?
I thought the idea was for the government to save money not waste it assessing people who have already been assessed and whose condition is never going to improve.
hello i'm new to this but i feel everyone is missing the point re medicals,if you care for someone who is genuinely disabled there is nothing to worry about,i drive a taxi at the weekends for my 16 hrs and over the years have picked up some supposedly disabled people that are fitter than me and this i feel is who the medical is aimed at the scroungers of the world who lie just to get the extra money.my wife has no worries about it and i have said for ages that i would be willing to take her every six months if it means the scroungers get there money stopped,you never know with no scroungers there might be enough in the kitty for a bit more on carers allowance,malc
If carers allowance remains even if at the same level, and the old dolls state pension, war widows pension , war disabled pension & her disability benefits remain even if at the same level, and the council tax still allow the war related disregard , and we get the carers council tax discount of 25% , and receive the housing benefit as usual, we will be AOK apart from the likes of V.A.T. my income tax is just a few quid hardly worth the excitement ..

housing benefit , there is no such thing as existing claimants every year you have to reaply for the H.B. it will now be capped at £400 per week for a 4 bed property , at the moment we have a 2 bed home rented i pay half the rent the old doll gets her full rent paid via H.B. about £37 per week so i asume she will be ok????... she also gets full council tax rebate ... i pay my half ....on the subject of V.A.T. on our gas / elec bill it states V.A.T. @ 5% ????? we are on the essentials tarrif ...

anywho i had forgot all about my other pension that i have struggled to pay for with the carers allowance ,,, just received a notice in about 2 years time it will be paid out worth about £600 per month --- thank god --- to be honest if i can carry on till then that will do me ......

I personally think everyone will be re-tested and decisions will be made from there, just like they have done for those claiming sickness benefit.

Maybe you should read this

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... etreaction
HELP ON THE WAY ????????? Image

IAN LAVERY M.P. LABOUR WANSBECK .. friend of my brother Stan through the T.U.C.

i have sent e-mail to IIAN DUNCAN SMITH works and pensions and have asked him to make it clear NOW if the carers allowance is safe ,as we carers have enough to worry about as well as benefit cuts, and reminded him that in his own report he praised the work of all carers and it was he who informed us that carers save the N.H.S. some 87 billion £`s , he went on to say that the carers allowance should be doubled ....
i have handed the e-mail over to IAN LAVERY M.P. and he has said he will also contact I..D.S. and put my concerns directly to him , IAN agrees with me that carers should be a special case and we should not have to worry about the outcome of such a short review which reports on the 22 october...when all other reviews , reports & committee said the allowance was not fit for purposse and should be raised ......

watch this space..
I have nothing against testing for disability but many will slip through the net .
as posted before the old doll had an independant medical from the M.O.D.December 2009, and believe you me they are very tough the examination was at home and took over 4 hours.
the result was she was classed as a 100% war disabled , but some of her disabilities are not war rellated , therefore her attendnace allowance is now split in two , some paid by the D.W.&P. the rest via the vetertans agency , she has also been given a comforts allowance god knows what that is for (fluffy cushions no doubt ) , but the doctor in his report said that Mrs e.h. should receive constant care and should not be "left alone" he also said that because of her age and the distress caused by medicals examinations she should not have to go through another medical again..

the M.O.D. have a right to check up on any war disaled veteran as their condition may have improved, and if it has your war disabled pension may be reduced, the old doll had to wait for 4 months for her exam and she was worried that she may lose her pension or part of it silly old doll...

the M.O.D. pay about £120 per medical the doctor who visited us was from atos athos????
malc, lets just remember that just because you dont look disabled that does not mean that you are not. alot of people forget that just because you cannot see the disability means nothing. and it really annoys me that people just view disability as a phyiscal disabity. it is so out of order to jump to conclusions just because you cant see there disability.
who needs help the most ?? one working mum said on t.v. if my child benefit is frozen i will have to work and extra day to make up the differance ... even if frozen she will still get the £20 and the rise would be what a quid... off for a kip can hardly move.......
well where child benefit is concerned stop paying it to those earning over £20,000 a year that would save money..then those that do need it can have more.
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