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Emergency budget 2010 - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Emergency budget 2010

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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and conditional on working 35 hours per week all for £53 .....
Dont forget the 90p!! Image
they have now said if the welfare budget could be cut by more then the 25% planned the tax rises and pay freeze could be lower ( public sector workers ) this is a cynical move by the chancellor to place the whole blame for the deficit on the welfare benefit scroungers you know who i mean the pensioners , disabled, and carers we should all be ashamed of our selves fancy not working and just claiming benefits ,good job the suns out i`m just in the garden getting a tan who cares about work ......

truth is old doll ill hay fever ?? and i`ve knackered me back have not had this problem for 5/6 years just hope it aint back for good . oh ah oh ah thats better goning to lie down and just listen to the match .....
Why was this thread locked?
Are we not allowed to express our voices on the content of the CUK response?

Well I own my own voice and will express it anyway!!!!! Image

Seriously - the CUK response is far too weak and misses the most important point - many carers will be much worse off because of this budget! This shows that the pre-election twaddle the three main parties spouted about carers was false and deceptive - why is CUK not challenging that?

Pre-budget there was a glimmer of hope as there were promises of fairness - what on earth is fair about paying tax credits to somebody earning over £750 a week while carers are told that future increases in CA will be made a lower rate? Come on CUK - time to take up the flag and beome forceful in voicing the facts- otherwise what is the point?

The savings plan - that was a joke anyway - most of us don't have a hope in hell of saving as we don't have enough to live on in the first place so wouldn't have gained a penny from this scheme !!!!!
think it's only been locked as is a duplicate to another thread (on Carer to Carer I think) that is still open xx
I feel,and have felt for a long while,now,that Carers UK (and they are not alone in this,sadly) soft-peddle,and fail to hold governments,past and present,to account re-carers dire plight,hence,the pathetic responce to the carers agenda in the budget.Governments get-off very easyly when theres a lack of outspoken support for a decent deal for carers.This budget joins a long line of previous ones failing to grasp the issue.
I think George is on the money with government thinking regarding carers, we are just another drain on society as are our carees.
The thing is Cameron's own experience bore no resemblance to the vast majority of carers, they were not reliant on CA, DLA or SS for that matter, they may have taken it but not reliant on it.
The whole thing about assessments for DLA which has a knock on effect for us is that these are people who have medical evidence surely, it's a huge jump from Incapacity benefit that was targetted previously and that is the proof of what they really think of us all. I think CUK response should have said they express outrage rather than concern, it's the language, "concern" isn't going to worry anyone in fact could be read as not too bad really.
Maxi wrote

On "Moneybox" on BBC radio 4,today,a caller asked about the Budgets impact on Housing Benifit.
I Was pretty annoyed by the responce.

As I understand it,and Im open to correction from wiser heads then mine on this one,Moving forward,a caop will be placed on amounts of HB based upon the levy per bedroom,so-much HB for a one-bedroomed flat,so-much for a two bedroom flat etc,limits set.So,effectivly capping the claiments ability to get private rented housing,unless,they can either find a lower-cost property to rent,or,pay the shortfall.As some areas enjoy higher rent valuies then some others,thats going to create ghettos of poverty.

BUT another concern is the fact,again,as I understand it,those claiming Job-Seekers-Allowance getting HB,will have it cut to 90 per cent,after being 12 months on Job-Seekers allowance.

Im not clear about existing claiments.

So,can anyone clarify all this?.

Its very disturbing stuff.
[quote]From Jan 2011 to Aprill 2011.

Yet,if Im right about this,and I am open to correction here,with VAT going-up to 20 per cent on Jan 4th 2011,and winter fual bills fall due,for some of us,in Feb/March ,while,Pention and benifit increases DONT happen untill April 2011,there will be REAL hardship for many.UI urge Carers UK,as a matter of urgency,to]
By Maxi

[quote]What Representations,on behalf of carers did Carers UK make before the budget?.

Were any proposals made?.

Is Carers UK,in the light of the Budget,going to be submitting a responce in time for the Autumn Statement,and,if so,with what aspects of content?.

In view of THIS budget,in my view,The Carers Summit cannot soft-peddle,for once,with government.

Carer UK,and,the carers lobby in general owe it to carers to step-up to the mark.

I see this budget as a call-t-arms for carers groups.I sau that as]
Ive been bombarded with calls,e-mails etc by fellow carers over this budget.Ive contacted Nick Cleggs office,reflecting both the concerns of others,and my own.

I DO URGE Carers Uk to clarify the Net effects on carers of the budget.

I think that we need clarity.
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