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Emergency budget 2010 - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

Emergency budget 2010

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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Well no point asking Clegg anything is there, we don't know how long he would stick with his answer.
When we think about all they had to say on VAT before the election and what happened yesterday with him sitting there like a nodding dog and thanking Cameron for a crumb I would be wary of asking him the time!
How come we didnt see Cameron yesterday? I think Cameron, Clegg and Osborne have all morphed into each other they look like triplets
How come we didnt see Cameron yesterday? I think Cameron, Clegg and Osborne have all morphed into each other they look like triplets
or The Three Stooges Image Image Image Image
He was there, think he was hiding behind Gideon and letting Cleggy take the full glare of the camera's and why not? That's what he's there for.
Just wondering if carers are given a say in these new medical assessments?

As a lot of you will have noticed, especially involving mental health issues, the person claiming DLA can make things seem better than they are (with mood disorders, if they are feeling a bit happy). If they don't have a physical disability that people can see, if they aren't entirely honest and detailed, they can appear to not really have anything to worry about when it comes to working etc.

Helen Jones (Warrington North, Labour)

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

(1) whether he plans to amend the earnings limit which applies to carer's allowance;

(2) what recent assessment he has made of the adequacy of the level of benefits available to carers; and if he will make a statement

Maria Miller (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Disabled People), Work and Pensions; Basingstoke, Conservative)

The Government recognise that the UK's 6 million carers play an indispensable role in looking after friends or family members who need support. It also acknowledges the important role that both cash benefits and employment assistance play, especially in enabling many carers to combine care giving with paid employment.

The earnings limit for Carer's Allowance was raised in April from £95 to £100 and is net of certain taxes and expenses, including the costs of paying for care.

We have set out our commitment to simplify the benefit system in order to improve work incentives and encourage responsibility and fairness. We will consider carefully the needs of carers as we develop our thinking on welfare reform.
Does the claimant wake up att;

1. 6-7am (15 points)
2. 8+am (nil pwa)
3. 7-8am (10 points)
4. 5-6am (5 points)
Well going on this criteria we'd be a gonner - we're on the night shift as well as the day one and if I fall asleep at 5 or 6-ish mornings don't exist well only so far as to deal with yet another seizure. Image

I call it Topsy-Turvey lifestyle and most people get the drift by that description! Image
marie x
Apologies for the delay in posting this up here, our response:

Carers UK has expressed concern at some elements of the Emergency Budget announced yesterday (22 June 2010) which announced the introduction of medical assessments for people applying for and receiving Disability Living Allowance and the axeing of the Savings Gateway for carers.

Imelda Redmond CBE, Chief Executive of Carers UK said:

“The Government plans to save £6 billion a year by switching the measure by which it increases benefits annually to the Consumer Price Index. If you are a single parent caring for a disabled child, caring for your partner or a caring for an elderly parent on your own, your family may rely on carers’, disability and means-tested benefits as your only source of income. Making savings in this way will hit the incomes of some of the most vulnerable people in our society particularly hard, people who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The introduction of medical assessments for Disability Living Allowance will also cause extreme concern amongst people caring, unpaid, for disabled relatives. People's experiences of this system for Employment and Support Allowance and Incapacity Benefit have not been positive. Carers own income could be hit as their benefits, Carer's Allowance and others, are based on the disabled person receiving Disability Living Allowance at a certain level. A poor medical assessment could spell financial disaster for carers and their families. With the Office of Budget Responsibility questioning whether savings could be achieved in this area, Carers UK is urging the Government to ensure that this policy is well thought through to avoid the huge stress and anxiety that a new system and poor decision-making will have.

We are also angry that the Savings Gateway scheme is being axed - something we campaigned hard successfully campaigned for. The Savings Gateway would have given carers in receipt of Carer's Allowance, an additional 50p for every £1 they were able to save. Research has shown that carers spend down their savings, leaving many caring round the clock for someone, unpaid, with no savings or buffer against any large purchase. This places enormous strain on carers.

There were however, some elements of the Budget that will benefit some carers, such as the raising of the personal allowance level - taking carers on very low incomes out of tax altogether - and the relinking of the basic State Pension to earnings.

However the other issue which has not mentioned in much of the media coverage are the potentially massive cuts to local authority budgets, which risk essential services to carers, older and disabled people being slashed. A freeze on council tax will place additional pressure on budgets and it is vital that local authorities take a mature and wide view of social care which is vital to people's daily lives, to be able to work, live with family and have some dignity.â€
please note that the council tax is not being frozen in wales. so carers here will still see there council tax go up as well as the vat etc.
some carers like me who have private pensions have been looking forward to retirement , we dont get any extra help financially as our private pensions are taking into account, therefore when i retire the state pension will be more then my carers allowance, and i would be happy with that , but now i have an extra year before i can retire , a loss of £5-000.

in the staement we should have informed one and all of the savings that come from carers 87 billion, and remind them that carers allolwance is the lowest benefit payable and conditional on working 35 hours per week all for £53 .....
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