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Emergency budget 2010 - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Emergency budget 2010

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medical tests = the M.O.D. pay about £120 for the medical, it took over 4 hours for the old dolls last test , but £120 may be worth it if the powers that be can get the disasbled off the benefits .. no mention of winter fuel allowance or attendance allowance or did i miss it ...

what the fing hell is the extra room for a carer ... is that a spouse who cant sleep with his disabled partner and needs another room ,, is it someone like us who need a two bedroom home one for my mum the old doll, and one room for me .. whats it all about ... will they come and build another room or what .....
Ha ha, it's for the carer that will be taking your place while you go out to work.
if the care worker looks after the old doll for free , i will be able to go out and work, of course when at home the care worker will still have to sleep on the sofa bed as i need my sleep after a hard days work,
No they are going to build an extra room for her and she will be paid in the usual way, just so you get off to work, no matter that you doing the same thing is cheaper Image
care worker/s 24/7 at minimum wage looking after some one at home cost about £950 per week, care home that we have quote from £1-200 per week ... our total disability allowances + carers allowance`s combined at the moment before the cuts £133 per week --- i rest my case my Lord .......

the problem with some people is they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing , now lil ol me i know both ....value & cost ....
football gotta go
Im not a wizz ecconomist,maths was my worst topic at school,still does annoy me,at times.
So,I dont even pretend to do the calculations to see if Im betteror worse off after the budget.

I dont really care either,about that.SHOCK-HORROR

Each morning,I get-up,take my dog out,come home,listen to the BBC radio 4 "Today Prgrame" while doing breakfast for my caree.
I get her up,washed,dressed,massage her sore legs and back,giver her breakfast,then,feed the dog,and,3.5 days a week go to work,come home,prepare supper,take my dog out,read my mail,access this forum,wash my caree,massage herlegs and back,prepare her for bed etc.

Help her to bed,watch some Tv,maybe,more likely,listen to radio.to bed.

When I have a day off,housework to do,shopping,taking my caree out,dog too,I just dont feel the rest,budget etc mastters.YES,it "Matters",but,the goveernment will do what it needs to,I cant influence that one way or the other.

Maybe Im no worse-off,maybe a bit better off,maybe worse-off,I dont know that.

But,I feel my life my carees life,my dogs life,matter,to me,more,are more here and now and real.

The World cup or the budget,both spectator sports,and,Ive as much influence on Mr.Osbourne and his budget,as I have on the England squadin South Africa.ZERO.NONE.

Both are mere spectator sports to me.I can only carry-on,budget or no budget.
come january 2011 i will be £73.00 a year worest off. worked it out on the sky news website it done it all for me..
The extra room for the carer is housing benefit related. Currently disabled adults who live alone but also need an employed carer to 'sleep in' do not get full HA as they cannot claim for the room the employed carer sleeps in. This will change this strange anomaly which leaves disabled people having to make up the sortfall in HA from other benefits.

Will child DLA claimants be re-assessed. I have to say I hope so! Now don't take this the wrong way because disabled children should be able to get their DLA and rightly so. I know re-assessment is stressful but in the past it has been too easy for children with minor problems to get the full rates of DLA and the biggest decrease in DLA claimants has been at age 16 ! To give an example I was told by a physio that they have often been horrified at how some people manage to get DLA for children who don't need it - they see a child for a minor foot problem that needs no more than an insert in the footwear - apart from this the child is fine - when they see the child for a review 6 months later the child has full rate mobility and a new car!!!!!!! The physios have no idea how the families have managed this! I know of a child who gets rull rate mobilty but can run like the wind and would certainly beat me in a race! So sadly, in order to weed out these sort of claims the re-assement of children is a good idea - evidence should be taken on the diagnosis and this should contribute to the assessment - it being well known that some conditions will have good and bad days. As for relying on the evidence of peads - well it is well documented that family docs do not like doing forms for benefits as they fell pressured to support the patient in order to protect the doctor/patient relationship - maybe this is the same for peads -it obviously seems unfair t genuine claimants but if re-assessing all weeds out the inappropriate claims the system should work better - though IMO there should be a RAPID appeals process for genuine claimants who slip through the net and lose the benefits they are entitled to. (Just to add that somebody we know of had an injury at work that will prevent her from doing her ususal work - she was horrified to learn that she must re-train and cannot go on to disability benefits - it's a strange world!)

As to the rest of the budget - well of course carers were mentioned - FOSTER CARERS!!!!!

As to carers - well our CA will rise at a lower rate in the future so we will lose out in that way - oh and non-dependent deductions from HA are set to increase - that is HA will be reduced for most carers who claim it if they have another adult in the house - so a disabled adult living in the same house as a family member who is their carer will have to pay more towards rent - in the past when this has been queried over the fact that disabled adults living with a parent carer are penalised in this way (if the parents own their home the dis adult has the same amount of benefit but no deduction for rent) the official response has been that the parent can pay the deduction themselves and not take it from the dis adult - so the CARER on CA and IS is expected to make up the difference from their own meagre benefits - now this gov wants us to make up an even bigger difference!

So much for the electioneering promises - we are truly being s**t on from a great height - and that's before the VAT increase!

Well I did say last week that we needed a statement of intent - today we got it - they don't give a damn and we can rot in hell before they will honour the platitudes they crooned before the election!

I hope CUK is going to make a rapid, firm and vociferous response to the fact that we are being screwed big time by a government that claimed they would recognise us and our contribution to society - what twaddle that was!!!!!
Richard Hawkes, the chief executive of Scope, said]
Mencap said it was concerned that those with learning disabilities in particular could lose out under new assessments. Increasing pressures on social care budgets meant DLA was often the only financial support they got, said Esther Foreman, the charity's campaigns and policy manager, and short-term cost savings could have long-term implications for claimants, their families and carers.

"We want to ensure that any medical assessment does not unfairly squeeze out people with a learning disability. These services are not a luxury but an essential part of their lives."
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