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And then they came for the carers. - Carers UK Forum

And then they came for the carers.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
An article from this weeks Closer that features a carer. They paint her as a scrounger even though shes working in a charity shop.

http://www.closeronline.co.uk/RealLife/ ... -scam.aspx
She gets £20,400 housing benefit a year, all of which goes direct to a greedy private landlord who does bugger all to earn his income whilst she clearly works very hard. Its odd really, but Britain isnt one economy, it is more like a whole arrray of local economies, for example round here I can get a haircut for a fiver and a three bedroomed maisonette for under £100k, whilst a one bed flat in some parts of London can fetch up to £2M.
Claiming benefits is a job, like any other: no different from being a sewer worker, landlord, pornographer, duke, merchant banker, or a coal miner: mucky but legitimate. The Queen gets millions for opening Parliament and reading a few speeches - money for jam, and her relatives sponge mercilessly off the state too with their grace and favour apartments and castles. Disgraced peers like jailbird Lord Archer get several hundred a day simply for attending the House Of Lords. Some people are born scroungers, some are good at scrounging, some are crap. Bravo for them all !
Interesting article: mainly for its attitude. Reporting standards are reaching the level of some of the more ridiculous blogs I've read, it seems.
to claim the carers allowance you must work the minimum of 35 hours per week. she says she does not need to care for Ian if she does not care for him and she claims the allowance that is a fraudulent claim is it not and if he doea not need the minmum of 35 hours care per week is he really ill/disabled or is he also guilty of fraud....if she works 40 hours per week who looks after the children ? oops and Ian...........headaches....i have a damaged knee / hip whcih will req surgery (soon if we can afford the respite care ) , angina , diabetes & depression yet i still work mind you i`m just a carer ...
I hope the article will alert DWP/SS to look into the case and check whether all the claims being made are legitimate.
we only have a few people like this but they bring those of us who abide by the rules down with them .

Yours faithfully, a carers allowance benefit scrounger
The article refers to headaches and migraine interchangeably. There's a world of difference between the two.

I don't know this family and don't feel able to judge them on a poorly-written article. And knowing how easy it is to be misquoted, or taken out of context, by the media - and for that matter dodgy bloggers - I don't feel their "own" words can be relied on either.
Woman magazine ran the same story this week. Seems the womens weekly sector has developed quite a nasty little right wing agenda.