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EDM - carers - Coalition policy?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
i dont think it is you. you seem to be uploading it ok..
I don't think that it is you either, potty, I have been having an intermittent problem with this for some time.
Is this better?

Er...no. the link works now but still too small. Sorry I'm flummoxed.
Thanks for trying.

But actually the letter is hardly worth reading! Maybe the forum has a self-censor device to sift out the blah-blah-blah? Image
Ah well, where's my magnifying glass? Image
Have transcribed:

Dear David (Lammy)

Thank you for your letter of 5 August to the Minister of State for Pensions on behalf of (me!) about Carer’s Allowance. I am replying as the Minister for Disabled People,

The Government recognises that the six million carers in the UK play an indispensable role in looking after friends or family members who need support. It also acknowledges the important role that both cash benefits and employment assistance play, especially in enabling many carers to combine care giving with paid employment.

The earnings limit for carer’s Allowance was raised in April from £95 to £100 and is net of certain taxes and expenses, including the costs of paying for care.

We have set out our commitment to simplify the benefit system in order to improve work incentives and encourage responsibility and fairness. We will consider carefully the needs of carers as we develop out thinking on welfare reform.

I hope this is helpful to (me).

Maria miller
Parliamentary Under secretary of State and Minister for Disabled People
I just hope she and fellow Ministers will remember the 'responsibilities' we carers have all shouldered when discussing the fairness of the new system.
It sounds awfully familiar, you don't think that the last administration left a pile of pro forma letters behind when they cleared their desks do you Image ?
Image Image Image

I reckon you could be right!