Came across this " Racket " on my beloved LO Fans Forum given the dire postion our owner has left the club in.

The " Mods " on 'ere would have a field day on that site , best to seek wholesale supplies of red cards , and a few yellow ones , in case one member does actually post something that would not offend the owner !

Charitable donations made through Just Giving are subject to a deduction " For commission " before reaching any charity let alone what that charity creams off for covering overheads before what's left finds it way to the ultimate beneficiaries. ... -page.html

A business making money out of distributing charity donations ?

Donate a can of baked beans to certain charities and , after covering their overheads , they have a raffle for the remaining baked beans ... worst offenders , a teaspoon fall at best.

Donations online are not subject to any deductions if sent through the banking system as online transfers , or , as gifts , through PayPal.

.... and the address of our Save Leyton Orient FC Fund is .... straight red for me if I carry on ?