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Do you qualify for the Cold Weather Payment? - Carers UK Forum

Do you qualify for the Cold Weather Payment?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
If you're worried about winter fuel bills and receive a qualifying benefit, you might be eligible to receive a payment from the Government due to the continuing cold weather.

http://www.carers.org/news/do-you-quali ... 01,NW.html

hi mom's recieved her' s yesturday £ 25 00 but with the central heating / fire on it will come too alot more but at least that is better than nothing but its a pity that one does not qualify if they just get carer's allowance Image coffeex
£25 doesnt go far but its better than nothing--

explaining to my mum that as dad is 65 and she isnt working they should get some money towards heating- shes saying- ooo no we r ok, we got blankets and hot water bottles on the go
ERRRRR they dont get it that there is help available as they have struggled every single year since i was a kid to keept he house warm- surely now dads retired and his paid tax all his life he should really use the help available

Seeing on the link though its automatic so she wont have a say in the matter- she will just phone worried that they have put extra money in the bank and she dont know why! (lovely lady bless her but god she worries!)
We, like many others, don't get this payment.

We actually have less money than many people that do but the crafty rules exclude a lot of people.

You do not get this automatically for being on IS - there are other factors so those who get CA and IS do not get it and if they care for a disabled person (adult) who gets IB and DLA they don't get it either.

Heating was on all night last night because it was so cold here - not a penny extra do we get for this.
Pix, There is a difference between the Cold Weather payment and the Winter fuel allowance which everyone over 60 gets.Although winter fuel is also paid automatically you might want to check they are getting it.

Details about both of these are on our website in our section about Fuel costs

* Warm Front Grant (England)
Help towards improvements in insulation and heating
* Dealing with large bills
What to do if you are having difficulty paying a large bill
* Ten top tips for saving energy
How to keep warmth in, cold out, and fuel bills down
* Reducing your fuel bills
Could you be paying less for your fuel?
* Cold Weather Payments
Payments made to certain people when the temperature is freezing for a week
* Winter Fuel Payments
Payments for people aged 60 or over to help with the cost of fuel
* Energy Helplines
A list of useful helplines to help you save money and energy
Our problem is that the house is nice and warm but it gets really cold and draughty because we have to keep the living room door and the door to Robert's bedroom open so that we can hear him if he shouts for help. This can be every ten minutes or so at times. I end up sitting wrapped up in a blanket because of the draughts.

We don't get any help with heating costs either.

we have to keep the living room door and the door to Robert's bedroom open Eun
Would an intercom system help, similar to the ones used for babies?
thank u matt- Dad found out he gets it and mums in a flap incase they say they r not and have t pay it back lol lol

the baby monitors r great- they do a 2 way one as well- ebay is great for getting a cheapy
He's not keen on a baby monitor as if he is chatting to babes on the computer with his headphone and mic we will be able to hear him, lol. Do not want to hear son on the pull thank you as I may require a sick bucket afterwards. Image



LOL LOL LOL can understand that!