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thank you George.Very thought provoking.
I believe that everyone suffered during WW2.In Cornwall, we visited somewhere that they had copies of letters sent home from evacuees.There was also a life size railway station with child sized figures,little cardboard suitcases and labels attached to them.I know that in Pembrokeshire,the town I live in now had children sent away as evacuees.One area of the town was bombed so badly due to oil tanks(I think that is what they were),that the smoke was visible acorss the Haven for 28 days.My mother, a small child at the time, was afraid to go to bed at night because of the smoke.
Every family has a different tale to tell with different memories.I see that old man and the soldier he was,perhaps he had a wife and child who were waiting at home, perhaps that child was a frightened evacuee.
I admire your mother George,for doing the journey she has just done with you,at the age she must be.It can't be easy.The older generation,all who fought the war in some way with courage.
My Dad was in the WW2 and got shot in the leg, while my mum was evacuated to Woking in Surrey she lived in Fulham London before, she was lucky cause her sister was under 5 so her mum went with her, My Dad would never talk about what he saw or went though, he said he never dreamed either, can't even imagined what he saw, heard, or the smell of things, i know he was in North Africa and got shot in Anzio he was in the Queen's North Surrey Regiment but that's it. i don't know any thing else. and if he was alive today i would think it could just be him standing there thinking of the past.
The Go-Between is a romantic novel by L. P. Hartley (1895–1972), published in London in 1953. The novel begins with the famous line "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."
I was at the A.T.S. W.R.A.C. monthly meeting with her last week and was allowed to remain Image during the meeting the ladies talked of the night the Lufftwaffe had one of their biggest air raids, clear sky over London and new search lights in place she was on the anti air craft guns in the Green park area her C.O. said to them when they saw the planes above "fish in a barrel ginger even you lot cant miss tonight " up went the flak for the next couple of hours they then saw a plane on fire on its way down for some reason all the guns stopped and the crews just watched the ladies said they were all shouting "jump " and when one of the air crew bailed out they all cheered the C.O. asked "what the hell was going on" "it`s someones son" they said Image ..just this week with all the talk of assisted suicide it really got me upset again for some to help someone die it is easy in a way i did it with STAN when we said D.N.R. but for STAN during WW2 after 2 weeks of hell on earth just before capture assisted suicide was something completely different some were handed a hand gun others wihout limbs needed help ........................no wonder the poor soul suffered with P.T.S.D. oh well all in the past now .....
George, it always interests me to hear stories from other people.You have a lot of interesting stories to tell us.They always make me stop and think.
My husband's father sent us a photo of a memorial statue in a military cemetery in UK somewhere, of a soldier who had lied about his age to get into WW1. He was 17. A few months later he was shot for cowardice. I think of myself at 17, can't begin to imagine how terrifying it must have been for all of the soldiers.(and like the women who cheered when the German airman bailed out, I think of both sides,friend and foe because they are all someone's son).
My Dad's father almost lost his life in WW1.He had been shot and was critically ill.The British Army left him for dead. The German Army picked him up as a POW,performed major surgery on him and when he was well again he and several others were exchanged with German POW's.
http://www.cwgc.org/search-for-war-dead ... TINE%20JOE

We were in Belgium just 2 weeks ago and as usual visited the grave of Valentine joe strudwick aged just 15 ..we are going back for my birthday early August just for a break feet up and rest mmmmmm.

when in Belgium this year we placed flowers at the grave of Karens great grandad William Whitbread who has no known grave but his name is on the wall at Tyne Cot ..KAREN is also a carer but mainly on FBOOK ...she was so pleased as she said as far as she knew no one had ever visited his grave .....