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Work Capability Assessment Centres

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News from someone who works for the benefits agency. The above named centres are being set up to advise on disabled people (or those claiming disability benefits) whether they are capable for work. People are judged on one day, if they can't attend then a home visit is arranged. Once a decision is made benefits are then taken away. Now this may be good for those less scrupulous out there, but for the rest of us it is a frightening prospect. A specialist disability advisor had a double amputee customer told they were capable of work. In my case i left work to care for my wife who has MS and Generalised Dystonia and these things frighten me. Has anyone any similar advice/stories? Having left a fairly well paid job, and living in rented accomodation with a child we struggle to get by on carers allowance and incapacity/DLA. Does anyone have advice on other possible sources of finance?
I am finding the whole thing very scary.
If you've got a child you should be getting child tax credit and child benefit. Also income support, council tax benefit and rent benefit if you're eligable. Have you talked to CAB or a benefits advisor?
yes we get those benefits, the point was more on the work capability centres. Everyone on incapacity will be assessed. As i said a double amputee was assessed able to work even though the mental implications aren't taken into account, and the person in question feels they aren't able to work.
dont know i just found out i have an incurable illness auti immune. was looking though everywere got no answers. i work 16 hours a week 2 young children look after before after school. i work in a care enviroment which is how i looked on this site.

Find it incredible whats happening if your illness is forever or your deef or blind etc irrreversible you should get benifits. Should make it harder for people who cant be bothered to work at all. Image
it is becoming a joke. the pressure put on people will only make things worse.
How on earth can they decide if someone is fit for work or not???

I mean, there's only someone who is suffering from a condition and their carer who will only ever know how the condition affects them on a day to day basis - and I fail to see how a 30 minute interview can get across just how you can go on from day to day especially on bad days.

It's never been a secret that I suffer from depression which has seen me live my life from minute to minute in it's more severe forms - although I don't claim any sickness benefit as a result of it. If mental illness isn't taken into consideration and dealt with correctly, the sad truth of things is that there will be an increase in suicides as a result of this - and that's before we even start to look at those of us who just can't take anymore of the system and feel that death is the only way out.

While I appreciate that amputees could be deemed as "suitable to work" in one form or another, there is no provisions made to make finding work easier with regards to finding work that is suitable or even that fits in with the work they did before they became disabled. If you take an amputee that's used to working outdoors and stick them in an office environment, it's only a matter of time before mental illness sets in and unleashes a whole host of new problems to deal with.
We are going through hell at the moment trying to fill in the 20 page form they have sent us to remove my son from Incapacity Benefit and transfer him to Employment Support Allowance. My son has an incurable and eventually fatal (usually by the late teens/early twenties so he is already living on borrowed time at the age of 26) muscle wasting condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He requires 24/7 care from his dad and I and uses a ventilator to help him breathe. He has heart palpitations and is on Beta Blockers and Ace Inhibitors. He can do nothing physically for himself - he can't even scratch his own nose if it itches. He cannot feed himself or drink without help yet this form states that he may be called for a work capability assessment. He is a 2:1 Honours graduate and when he graduated from Uni he was looking for a job but his condition has deteriorated since then (his condition is progressive, there's no treatment and no cure). How the hell can they expect him to go out and find a job? Why are they wasting money tormenting severely disabled people in this way?

First they go for the poor and disabled, reminds me of pre 1939 germany. feel for you and in a similar predicament.
If you ask me the whole thing is stupid able bodied people can't find work what chance have the
dissabled Its all about robbing the poor and sick to give to the rich and the ecomomy still is'nt
moving my advice is appeal

by tess k
I am aware like most, that the country has to cut it's welfare bill.

It is a disgrace that the weak and vulnerable in our society are targeted as they/we can't fight back. I'm sure non of us will leave our loved ones without care, even if benefits are cut but it will make life even more stressful and virtually impossible to survive. At present like many, our benefits leave us struggling to pay basics.

Why is it that services are cut to save money but Carers are the target of a very cruel campaign by this Government; shame on them when we save billions to the tax payer per year. If many of us here were paid the minimum wage at least we would feel that we were being appreciated and the work that we do valued but this Government want it both ways.

I feel we are being pushed beyond endurance and wonder why we the army of Carers who work harder than most people are being punished because someone that we love needs care. Non of us would be in this position if the Government made places available to offer daily care and support but this Government want it all their way without thought and consideration to how their cuts will affect all of our lives.

I agree with tess k wholeheartedly in all that she has written here.

Regards to all my fellow Carers