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Carers to be given respite holidays - Carers UK Forum

Carers to be given respite holidays

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Ministers are planning to grant legal rights for the first time to people in England who spend hours caring for elderly or disabled relatives.

see BBC here

Ministers to pledge free holiday to family carers as part of new plans to reform care system

Mailonline here

Millions of people who are forced to juggle work and family life with caring for elderly relations are to be given legal recognition and rights to respite holidays for the first time

see Telegraph here
why is it always the elderly?i'm sat here on the brink of yet another bout of depression after the trip to hinckley with my wife who is 42 with alzheimers to renew my taxi badge and visit a couple of friends turned out to be heartbreaking instead of enjoyable,we went round to our first friends house and she sat there like a scared child with no clue who tony and helen were and then went barwell in hope she would remember our old house there,bumped into our old neighbour who looked in the car, seen the wife,stepped back in shock,i thought he was going to collapse or start crying,i understand the governments idea to promote family caring but what about me and other people like me who are basically caring for old people in 40+ year old bodies.the rules need to be changed to accomodate situations that don't fit in to a pigeon hole.
So who will be entitled to the "free" holiday /respite care break ? ..those who work / care for more then 50 hours per week ???? will it be for those who have the carers allowance or not ???? will it be means tested ? and if it is means tested will the income of the person you care for be taken into account ( as it does now) or just the carers income ???? ...............some time ago it was reported that some 1 million carers work/care for more then 50 hours per week ( i do ) will all 1 million be entitled to the"free" holiday ? and just what is a holiday ? for me a holiday is a good 2 week break EVERY YEAR not just a ONE OFF break ..and the cost of the "free" holiday 2 weeks in Corfu £700 plus spending money aye how many carers have savings for them to spend when on holiday....and the BIG problem who cares for the person you care for when you are of on a well earned government sponsored holiday? the cost for a 2 week respite care break for us would cost £1-800 .. we cant have a break unless we also have respite care for our caree`s ---SO WHO PAYS FOR THAT THEN ....1 MILLION X £2-000 can we afford it 2 billion quid each year why not spend the cash available on paying those who at the moment cant get the allowance and raise the basic allowance for all .........
apparently only for those Carers in England.
What standard of care would our carees have though, whilst we're all swanning off on our entitled holidays?
It's not as easy as they make out, is it?
Nice thought, totally impractical - AS USUAL.
Its all very well being entitled to a 'free' holiday but my hubby(caree) refuses point blank to go in to respite care. Because is health needs are so volatile carers coming in 3 x per day would be no use getting him to keep the 2 sits that I have each week is beginning to be a challenge so I'm here til I drop free hols or not
Me thinks , EMILY CARERS UK missed a good opportunity to respond in a positive way and put forward the cause for all carers ..when she responded to PAUL BURSTOW M.P. the dont care minister re the "free holidays" for carers who work in excess of 50 hours per week ..PURSTOW said it would help families with carers who "work " and care for elderly parents ...EMILY should have asked just what the free holiday would be will it be a short break ( which it looks as though it will be ) will it be for the carer alone or the family and who cares for the elderly disabled person when the main carer is off on holiday , have the government costed the free holiday break and if they have how much will it cost and where will the cash come from and will their be any form of means testing the whole thing is just a gimmick it is as simple as that just a headline gimmick ..she should have made the point that many carers work more then 50 hours per week and survive on the lowest benefit payable the carers allowance set at £58 per week many dont want/need the leagl right for a respite care break at all. they want a living wage which would allow them to pay for their own 2 day break ... yet another chance lost by carers uk....
I did notice the bit about Carers who work George. I wondered about that.Does it mean that Carers who are not employed elsewhere will NOT get the break?
looks like it..today it was said they deserve a short break from caring...just the carer ????
why is it always the elderly?quote]

It isnt, wakey wakey and read the article]Ministers are planning to grant legal rights for the first time to people in England who spend hours caring for elderly or disabled relatives.