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dla to pip

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But Scally surely when someone has been already assessed by medical professionals such as specialists, with a life limiting, progressive, incurable condition which has no cure it is a waste of money making that person go through yet another procedure with someone who knows nothing of the condition and will be incentivised to throw them off their benefit?

Precisely - it actually costs more to go through an unnecessary hoop, ignoring for the moment the stress it places on people who can well do without it.
idea number 2:-,if the idea of the assessment is to see if the person on dla is capable of getting a job and finding their way to it and remember they've got one,let our carees organise the appointment,remind us when it is,and then they take us instead of we take them,the point would be proved of capability to work when we didn't turn up,ASSESSMENT COMPLETE,it would save any upset for caree and a lot of paperwork,if anybody knows camerons email please forward my suggestion.
Hear,hear Malc. Very good idea. Image
Most young non-disabled workers under the age of 25 would fail that test, as you know fine well.
It isn't a test anyone would allow: too easy to fake the result. In fact, don't turn up for your medical, tough. It's as good as withdrawing your claim.

The system is too inflexible, basically, because it's been designed to be policed rather than designed to actually work for those who need it.
i had a very understanding reply to my email from our mp yesterday,saying he understood about how the alzheimers was affecting us and would look in to our personal circumstances and try to help us and would be back in touch.i'm at the point where my original concerns about pip assessments won't affect us if they are next year because i've seen how she has gone down from october to now and feel i'll probably not have her by then and if by the grace of god i do,the alzheimers will have won.