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ok then scally answer this for me,why should somebody in a poor mental state who has no idea what day it is have to prove what has already been proven by qualified consultants who have trained for years in their specialist fields,do you also think atos know better than 3 consultants,or do you think i've bribed the nhs just to get benefit so i can sit on my backside and scrounge,i'd love to be claiming the benefit as a scrounger then my life wouldn't be as c**p as it is,i'd be working fulltime and not waiting for stage 3 alzheimers to raise it's ugly head,my wife was awarded high rate care on the back of what doctors think so why should things change because the conservatives want to save money,i know loads of scroungers and from where i'm sitting i'd love to be one.
The theory is fine, Scally, but it's been proven that the tests are not objective. Take someone I know whose ATOS report said they had no mobility problems because they could walk for 10 minutes. What the report didn't say was that it took the 10 minutes for her to get from the chair in reception to the chair at the medical - 30 yards away.

If someone lacks mental capacity, and their specialist has determined that, what will the assessor do with that?

I'm with Malc on this one. Some people should be able to submit a report from their consultant regarding their condition and be done with it.
Duchenne muscular dystrophy has no treatment and no cure - what part of that do the government not understand? Incurable, progressive and fatal - hello?

eun,exactly my point,alzheimers is hardly a case of mild amnesia is it,it's all down to saving money with no regard for people,we don't ask to be in this situation and would love to live a normal life.
The eleven+ test was flawed, all tests are flawed, but what is the alternative? If there isnt an objective test of disability of some kind, then we might as well claim that we are dying too: well it worked as a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

There is nothing new about testing and assessment, and all of the tests have a sophisticated and objective appeal process, so I can only conclude that this anti-testing campaign is the usual scaremongering and rhetoric.
Duchenne muscular dystrophy has no treatment and no cure - what part of that do the government not understand? Incurable, progressive and fatal - hello?

Life itself has identical outcomes for all of us Eun. Incurable, progressive and fatal - thats your life and mine too. The only thing left to argue about is the timing. I suspect that both your son, and mine, took a great deal more from the State last year than the vast majority of world citizens of other countries earned from their hard labour. The average Ghanain farmer earns about £1,000 a year, to feed his whole family, and there is no free education, welfare state or NHS to provide a safety net. We really are not that badly off, are we?
[Life itself has identical outcomes for all of us Eun. The only thing left to argue about is the timing.]quote, Scally.

Children are not meant to die before their parents. It is a living hell.Parents lose their children to illness,complications of illness, suicide, murder,accidents, drunk drivers crashing into them,starvation,substance abuse,all sorts of reasons. Locally, we had a nursing home where the electricity failed one night. A young man with DMD died because they could not get their back up electricity to work quickly enough,and his ventilator needed electricity.
Eun and her husband and son have had to live with this diagnosis for over 20 years now.Imagine waking up every morning and checking your son to see if he is breathing.Holding your breath while you do so.It is what I do now too.
By the end of the Second World War, virtually all combatant countries had lost millions of their young men. Increased Male mortality is even built into the birth rate, which is always higher for male babies than female. So, sadly, and for whatever reasons, parents have very often had to face this reality: it isnt that exceptional, historically speaking its actually fairly common. I could also mention that my son will probably die before me, or develop dementia in his early forties, but quite honestly I have a whole lot of living to do in the meantime, and it is quite good fun.
I am aware of that. It doesn't make it right though.I have just noticed this evening, that another Welsh Soldier has been killed in Afghanistan,another family bereft.(and the scars from child loss are always there ready to break open, whatever age the child is).

My son will probably get dementia early too, on two counts. Apparently Diabetes can contribute,as well as Downs Syndrome.
Just typed out a post in reply to Lazydaisy and completely lost it ('cos Scally posted at the same time I think). I was just saying how grateful I was to you for your understanding of what this living hell is like. When Rob is away at respite and I don't hear the ventilator at night I can't sleep. When he is here and the ventilator pauses you wonder if there is going to be another breath. So many of his friends have been taken already by this godawful disease - its not fair and its not right. Good for you Scally that your son and you are having a lot of fun but try and be a wee bit understanding of the rest of us eh? What are you saying Scally - the death rate for boys is higher so we should all just say oh well, so what and ignore it? You say your son will "probably" die before you. MY son definetely will - that's the difference. Rob had palpitations again last week and every time he does there is nothing we can do we just have to wait and hope it passes and this isn't the one that will finish him. He is also just recovering from yet another chest infection. We do try to live and have fun but always we have this "sword of Damocles" hanging over our heads. Today we went out (to pick out new furniture for the living room). He now has a special new bag which goes on the back of his wheelchair to contain his ventilator which means we don't have to spend an hour and a half in the van while he gets sufficient breath - he can drive about whilst on his machine. We also went to the Science Centre last week, to the Imax cinema and to the Planetarium. However, if we get one more person's brat staring I think I will explode. Don't people teach their sprogs its very, very rude to stare these days? Rob is also going to the theatre with one of his friends (not a paid worker we don't get any of those in our area unless you have learning disabilities) to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and to see Blink 182 in concert with another friend, he also plays powerchair football on a Tuesday night - so we do try to have fun - its not the case that we don't but sometimes its hard to plaster a smile on your face.