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In the not to distant future those who are entitled to P.I.P. and the mobility component can if they so wish lease a car via the motability scheme , however as reported on the fbook page if the holder of P.I.P. enters hospital as an inpatient for 28 days during a 365 day period they will lose the right to lease a car from motability finance but what of the war disabled are they safe? war disabled veterans with the war pensioners mobility supplement W.P.M.S. paid via the veterans aagency enables them to lease a car via the motability scheme but will they also lose the right to lease a car if they enter hospital as an in patient for the 28 days within the 365 days period ...this could well see some people being very reluctant to seek medical care in case the lose the car, it could and will happen , i can see it now some poor old bloke or woman has had 27 days as an in patient and just 30 days left of the 365 they will beg the hospital not to admit them for at least a month ...of course we did talk of P.I.P. many months ago would it affect the rights to motability access would the allowance be high enough to even lease the car ? of course that was just a rumour way back then.....
reply from friend..

I have been wondering about people who need renal dialysis.Many of them may need two or three days a week in hospital(perhaps every other day).According to these rules about motability,they would lose their entitlement immediately.That can't be right, surely?

they will have to use their bus pass if they still get one or use patient transfer service ..for us to use the patient transfer service for a visit to Newcastle cost is about £40 return what a shambles this all is ....better still stay at home and keep the car, as i have said many will ..as the government will just take the car, the allowance will still be paid so what are they doing they cant save cash it is just a vindictive move and another way to punish the disabled ....
under present legislation you can lose benefits after 28 days consecutive hospitilisation but this is 28 days out of a year ..why stop at that, how about ff the person you care for is an inpatient for 28 days out of 365 days they stop the carers allowance ...
If i was in charge of the motability scheme charity i would be very reluctant to hire / lease a motability car to someone who has in the previous 365 days been an inpatient for a total of 28 days the cost to the charity to reclaim sell on the car would far outweigh the benefits handed over for what may be just a couple of months ..have had a P.M. via fbook from someone who has a child who is entitled to and uses a motability scheme car since April the child has been in hospital for 20 days under the new rules 8 days to go and they lose the car ...what annoys me the most is you are allowed to lease / hire the car as long as you are entitled to the mobility allowance but this government will remove the car even though you will still be entitled to recieve the mobility allowance ..or will you lose the allowance ???????
There is now another consultation from DWP which is proposing changes to DLA (and some which affect Carer’s Allowance and Attendance Allowance) because of the introduction of PIP next year. This is where they are going to introduce some new rules about entitlement to PIP such as how long someone can be out of the UK on holiday or for medical treatment before losing the benefit and changes to the current rule so people with Motability agreements will lose their higher mobility (or enhanced mobility on PIP) if they are in hospital for over 28 days. The DWP want to bring some of the rules on these existing benefits to match those for PIP.

Have carers uk got it right ? this is the only thing i have found re new rules for motability and it states after 28 days not a total of 28 days in any 365 days ..
under present legislation you can lose benefits after 28 days consecutive hospitilisation but this is 28 days out of a year ..why stop at that, how about if the person you care for is an inpatient for 28 days out of 365 days they stop the carers allowance ...
I'm pretty sure this is not quite correct.
28 days consecutive in hospital then yes, DLA will be suspended AFTER 28 days but not for 28 days non-consecutive out of any one year. Note "suspended", not stopped altogether.
Likewise, Carers Allowance will be suspended after 28 days if the caree is in hospital and in receipt of DLA. (Because of the loss of the qualifying factor - DLA) But if the carer goes into hospital, carers allowance could continue for up to 12 weeks. Source

My wife has a Motability car and we have read in the Motability Magazine that the new and forthcoming PIP scheme will largely remain unchanged as far as the Motability Scheme goes. They also say that more information will be clarified when the Government actually clarify the scheme more; so until then, I'd not worry too much about it because anything else is just scaremongering. Image
found the consultation from D.W.P.
Ending the extension of payment of the Disability Living Allowance higher rate mobility component to in-patients who have a Motability vehicle.
4.17 Generally, when a person is an in-patient of a hospital or similar institution, payment of their DLA care and mobility components stop after 28 days (84 days for children under 16). However, if the in-patient is leasing a vehicle through the Motability Scheme, existing provisions allow for the continued payment of the higher rate mobility component for the duration of the Motability lease contract which could be up to three years.
4.18 This provision was introduced in 1996 when the payment of the mobility component to long term hospital in-patients was removed. It was introduced under powers contained in s113(2) of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992. It afforded a reasonable easement to those people who were committed to a Motability contract when the new rules came in. Any lease held by somebody entering hospital in 1996 will have long expired but new customers can still benefit
from this provision. The Government announced in the 2010 Spending Review that it intends to address this anomaly by removing this provision in DLA regulations in 2012. It has now been decided that this change should roll out from 2013 alongside the implementation of Personal Independence Payment. This will ensure that all hospital in-patients are treated in the same way, whether they are a Motability customer or not. We have worked closely with Motability on this matter.

this to me looks as though you will lose the mobility componenet after 28 consecutive days and not 28 days our of a total of 365 as reported by carers uk on the face book page ..
GARY nothing about suspended or stopped ..just after 28 days out of 365 days you lose the motability car .....this is just for those on D.L.A. who move onto P.I.P. with the mobility component at the right level (under 16 ok ) ..we should be ok as the old doll does not have D.L.A. she is on the W.P.M.S. via the veterans agency surely even this government wont take the motability car from a veteran............rumours, scaremongering ...it comes into force in just 8 months time ...this info is from none other then carers uk ...

By Steve McIntosh, Policy & Public Affairs Manager at Carers UK

Next year will mark one of the biggest changes to disability benefits since the introduction of Disability Living Allowance in 1992. On April 8th 2013 the Government will introduce the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the replacement benefit for Disability Living Allowance.

As we get closer to that date, Government is publishing more and more details about what the new benefit and the process for reassessments will look like and Carers UK has just submitted more evidence to the Government on what they’re calling their ‘detailed design’ of PIP.

First off, we’ve said very clearly that we question the very basis of these reforms, and stated our complete opposition to the massive cut in the number of people who will be eligible for PIP by the time the implementation process is complete. I never get tired of saying that - despite all the media reporting - the fraud rate for Disability Living Allowance is just 0.5% - which means that the over 20% reduction in spending on the benefit cannot be justified in terms of stripping the benefit from people who are fiddling the system.


However, alongside these headlines it is essential that the small details of the proposals are thoroughly scrutinised – because they could have significant and potentially disastrous consequences for families who are often already struggling to make ends meet prior to these reforms.

Here are a couple of examples from our response to this latest consultation.
•Linking rules: these are rules which currently allow people who have come off DLA to reclaim the benefit within 2 years if they need it again, without having to ‘requalify.’ The Government plans to limit this to 1 year for PIP. Inevitably this will hit people with fluctuating conditions, like mental health conditions or Multiple Sclerosis for example, who might have reduced symptoms for twelve months but then need DLA again and have to go through the needlessly bureaucratic and stressful process of making a whole new claim.
Motability: Under PIP, families will lose the right to retain Motability vehicles if they spend 28 days or more as a hospital in-patient in any 365 day period. This fails to recognise just how much families depend on these vehicles, often as their only vehicle in the family, and just how often many disabled people with complex needs have to stay in hospital. Losing their Motability vehicle could be devastating for families.

In our response we have made our opposition to these proposals very clear. Arguing for the retention of the existing 2 year linking period and strongly urging the Government to completely reconsider the Motability changes.
Gary, what George is saying, is correct.I read the same article yesterday.
(A couple of local garages are ceasing doing Motability cars over the next year or so,I don't know if that has any bearing on the changes in benefits).