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working tax credit shock

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On receiving the fantastic news that both my sons aged 16 and 18 had secured fulltime apprenticeships I rang working tax credits and updated them on my change of circumstances what a shock I got. Even though I am a carer and work the required 16 hours apparently because i no longer have qualifiying children I no longer get working tax . so even though this government says it is helping carers by keeping the work hours at 16 what they didnt explain clearly was that this applys only to carers who have qualifying children.
They now want me to work 30 hours (no chance when i care for 3 seperate people) or my severely disabled hubby to work 16 hours ( not sure his transplant/heart specialists team will agree somehow)
I just wanted to warn other parents who are carers whose children/young adults may approaching the era they move into the world of work.

even allowing for extra HB and CTB with the loss of child benefit /CTC and WTC we have lost approx £450 every month with just 2 weeks notice to adjust. We have still had to try and provide suitable smart clothing for the boys to wear to the office and their travel passes for the first month have cost £100 each ! . They will only be on trainee wages and wont be able to contribute much as well as try and be almost self sufficient. It is easy to see why some families chose the welfare state as a 'life style option'.

Despite how dismayed I am abt the financial position I am still very proud to have brought up 2 young men , who despite a difficult background , have shown the world they have a strong work ethic , have strived to do their best and have been awarded with jobs ,They are a rarity these days.
i've had the same conversation with my mp,my last 2 kids are leaving college in a years time and i will have to work 30 hours and leave my wife who has alzheimers at age 42,i struggle to work 16 hours now,god knows how i will work 30,my kids went/go college so i kept tax credits and they were better off working part time and got ema,my eldest is now working fulltime and i lost £5200 in child tax per annum but she pays board so less painful,get your sons to go college till their 20th birthday or one of them at least and do like mine did,your sons can work 15 hours without affecting tax credits,you don't need board and they have probably as much in their pockets as doing the apprenticeship,make the system work for you,i have but i needed to.the other option is self employment and say it is over 30 hours what you do.
Thanks malc for your reply , like you i have no idea how to try working 30hours , self employment may be a future option although i have a great work situation that is sympathetic to my caring situation and are very flexible, but there is not extra hours on offer.
I agree re college etc but feel their futures are for them to decide and they fully aware of the how their choices effect the household income, their board will help and they now appreciate that birthdays and christmas etc will be a token gift affair .

I intend to have similar conversation with my loacl MP.
Hello Sunnygirl, it's so difficult for children to move on in life when they leave school/college/uni if parents are in receipt of housing benefit. My son recently started work and by the time he's paid his share of rent/council tax and board, plus taxing and insuring his car (which he needs to get to work) he's left with £19 per week. I know we're all hurting but how are kids supposed to get on in life?