Discrimination ? By Age ?

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Another one from days of CarerWatch kicked around at the time.

Since those days , the Law has been strengthened but , several posters have highlighted instances where there may be a possible breach of the Law from the discrimination angle.

Although unproven until tested in the courts , the strongest , possible , case we may have is fully detailed under the Carers Travel Concessions thread if not closely followed by the 21 Hour Rule thread.

Here's another to ponder on. Government policy itself , and this time around , age.

Single parent , unemployed , with one child receives child tax credits in addition to ESA ( ? ) , and possibly free child care through an approved centre.

Single adult , a carer , with a caree receives .... Carers allowance + extras if qualifies ... but no free adult care unless LA provides it free due to low income , and rationed at that.

Age discrimination ? Or purely Government policy within the current legal framework ?

Difficult on the income coming in front but ... there's something other there ?

My view ?

51/49 within the current legal framework.
Widow, 65, responsible for wellbeing of son with SD, gets only Old Age pension. Totally disqualified from any carer benefit, cares up to 168 hours a week during holiday times. Day services close, he needs "someone"to care for him. In the absence of anyone else, that's the widow!
Some 45+ years ago , one lecturer asked uo to list 10 of the most likely scenarios for a potental civil war in the Uk , social ones as opposed to armed conflict.

Top one ? Odds on favourite ... rich v poor.

Second ? Young v old.

Add on another 5 years , and for 50 odd years , that issue has been before all concern with policy making.

Result ? An ageing population problem that has exploded over the past 5 years or so , magnified because nobody has addressed the issue beyond trying to put out the fire with little more than a couple of cups of water.

For the young , aged 35 and below , virtually little prospect of achieving the same things that their parents worked for , most notably a home that can be called their own rather than being tenants in someone elses.

Those flames will only grow as each year passes , allied , at the other end of the ageing scale , with the continuing collapse in social care delivery,

As a society , we have been failed , and are being failed by , successive Governments with their vote winning , short term fixes.

As predicted in CarerWatch days , a Government of Restruction is needed , not the present system of throwing fake custard pies at each other , hoping to score points rather than solve the real issues of the day.

First steps are straightforward.

Let the rich getter richer , but only more slowly. As for the 1 in 4 , protection needed for the basic essentials needed to survive , namely :

Basic living wage / level of benefits ( While still encouraging the unemployed to find work ) *

.... and a gradual switch from regressive to progressive taxation to slowly , but surely . close the chasm between rich and poor.

* That's where our Social Wage would have kicked in !
Did you see the party political broadcast tonight, talk of fairness and opportunities for all. I'm not holding my breath!
Thankfully no ... and breathing regular.

Talk ? One thing all politicians are capable of ... as to what they preach , are they just selling different brands of snake oil ?

Trick is ask them to taste it first and watch for the facial expression if not the usual body function that follows.

Some readers may nail their hopes to one of their masts , I would be prefer a variation on that theme !