Discharge to a B&B room?

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This idea really takes it too far. an Essex trust is going to pilot discharging people to a host room near the hospital while they wait for proper discharge . Host have to have an ensuite and provide 3 microwave meals a day


i had to check it wasn't April fools day
No Mrs A, but it's nearly Halloween! This pilot scheme is far more scary. So so much at stake. If, for instance as my hubby did, someone suddenly has delirium, and becomes extremely aggressive, tries to escape. Oh, the list can go on.
Yes Pet. I'm struggling to think who it might be suitable for. If someone can get themselves to a loo but not to a kitchen then it must be for those due to go home but no availability of care package ie the elderly. it can't be for anyone needing nursing care
More on similar schemes news throughout the main news sites this morning.


Southend Hospital backs off 'Airbnb beds' plan.

A hospital has backed down over plans for patients to recuperate in people's homes as part of an Airbnb-style trial.

Southend Hospital in Essex said it has no plans to "support the pilot at this time".

The trial by healthcare start-up CareRooms involves 30 hospital patients staying in local residents' spare rooms while waiting to be discharged.

CareRooms ... a new start up smelling money ?

Very revealing , me thinks ?


A regitered charity ?

That will upset a few BTL landlords with spare capacity ... perhaps even a few NHS bosses as it's their sideline ???

Another " Follow The Money " type schemes ... ???
They don't seem to be a registered charity. Neither does their website give company or contact details.
As you say, seems to be a company set up to get money out of NHS.
Lets hope they don't fall for it. i cant see it helping any patient but it might line the pockets of the directors and hosts for a short while
Spot on.

Registered charity ?

Par for the course when a business wants to " Hide " it's very nature ... all privately run hospitals are registered charities ... try turning up for treatment as an individual without the monies , or insurance , to pay.

Why would a BTL landlord have tenants claiming benefits ( With the UC rollout continuing ) when the NHS itself will provide the rent ... and , at the same level ( ??? ) ... and ... connected to the NHS through being employed by them ???

OUR NHS ... now a cash cow for the private sector ... and who is providing the cash ?

Everyone reading this thread for a start ?

Follow the money ...
Paying just £50 a night too, can't get ordinary B&B for that sum many places. It's an absolute insult. Having survived 7 operations, I know I'd rather be snuggled down in my own bed with my own handset when I'm poorly. £50 would buy 3 hours care - would these people really get that?!
£ 50 per night ... £ 350 per week ... for a room ... for many BTL landlords , a dream come true ?

Perhaps I should join that scheme ... a healthy surplus even after feeding and watering the poor unsuspecting inmate ... and I have 2 rooms and an annex , of sorts. Even room for two , if I double up ... whoopie ... actual butter for my stale bread ... and enough over for the occasion jar of caviar washed down with real booze , not the usual bathtub variety , or the bottle without the " Duty paid " label ?

Any questions ? Just a sick relative visiting for a few days.

Any problems ? Just ring the NHS !!!

My own rent paid for within a week ... or 8 days at the most.

Luvly jubbly ... as we used to say back in my days in the Smoke !

Where do I sign ?

Almost guarantee that some owning the rent books in many social housing projects have read the same articles ... a few acquired in local poker schools ... twice ???

Need a flat ? Don't go to the LA or HA , go see " The Man. "

Am monitoring the comments on the BBC news... this is one with a good idea
"33. Posted by Scottish Lass on
4 minutes ago
Isn't this just the old system of convalescence homes with a private sector twist?

If this is the plan, why doesn't the NHS just buy a floor in a hotel and have nurses or even volunteers supervising?

Or pay £50 to the families / neighbours of the patient, to take care of the patients in their own home?"

now, that's an idea pay family and/or neighbours the £50 a night to care for the person in their own home!!
that's a seven fold wage rise for most carers overnight. Bring it on!!

(if only :roll: )
Too simple ... and no " Ologies " in the reply.

Does tend to ask the question if those making the decisions really have experience of life outside their desks ... and , first hand at that ?

Still , £ 100k minimum per year ... does one really expect to mingle with the low lives of this abode for that kind of money ???

Similar article in the Guardian ... their comments sections always good entertainment value ... common sense / political leaning ... even a few ologies from time to time ... all continuing their arguments as the roundabout turns.