Cutting health and social care targets

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
This week the Government announced it plans to cut many public sector targets and give the NHS and local authorities more freedom to respond to local priorities.

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Tell us what you think - does this give local areas more freedom to concentrate on those who need help most- such as carers, or are you concerned about what this will be mean for carers' services?
as long as there is enough money provided to cover needs, in theory it should make everything easier as it will all be more localised, and services can provided from one place than several as at the moment, more contactable.

However if its not run right, with restrictions and budget restraints, it will not be any bettter.
I'm doubtful: some targets (like those for carers) are unpopular with local authorities because carers are not a priority.

We could end up short-changed compared to where we are now.

But - theoretically - it could be that more creative ideas can blossom in a target-free environment. It's just that I haven't seen much creativity in local authorities - hence I'm healthily sceptical at the moment.
Scrap all targets...they simply provide a new game for bureaucrats to play at our expense, and the rules change from day to day.
I used to believe in targets but the older I get I cant really think of one that ever was expressed in such plain english that it made sense or didnt have loopholes...too many ifs and buts.
What do we target? Inputs, processes, or outcomes? If so, how do we measure sounds so simple but in reality it is rights we need, and redress.
I'll go with that Excalibur - but our rights need to be enforceable, which they are not at the moment.