Who and How Should the level of Carers Allowance be Decided?

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Hi All
A new idea/slant on on who or how the amount of Carers Allowance could be decided.
Is this worth considering?

Many will be aware of the All Party Carer Group in the House , chaired by Dr. Hywel Francis , Labour mp , and also Vice President of the Voice. To date , I have yet to locate any link to this Group which would enable ANY carer to have a direct input.

Level of Carer Pittance. Why not take this decision out of the hands of the politicians , and let an independent third party Tribunal judge ? I have in mind something along the lines of ACAS , those readers involved with trade unions will know them well ?

To date , I am not aware that a suggestion along these lines has been muted before. Obviously , there are dangers should a Tribunal not agree with us that the present level is too low , but what are the realistic odds on that ?

Said Ruling would be binding on all parties ( government carers ) and on all political parties ( in event of change of government in any future election ).

For background , the All Party Carer Group must , by definition , have a mountain of paperwork readily available to save time.

Win loose draw ..... one to support or , one to blow out of the water ?

Regards Cheryl
Interesting idea - a similar panel suggests pay awards for certain types of work, so not impossible.

Some drawbacks:

It would take recognition of the value of the work carried out - which, apparently, is a blind spot for all politicians.

Simply put, they can't afford us. They would end up paying what they're saving if they paid every carer what they are worth. But they don't have the courage to say so.
if it was to go to a committee you know what would happen.
if you have savings =no allowance
if you have a private pension =no alowance
if you work part time over the £85=no allowance
if your caree has cash =no allowance
when you get your state pension = no allowance

and on and on and on, nowt would change over the last 10 years ive used my savings to help out with the care for both of my parents i just manage with my private pension and carers allowance ive only got £110 per week so i cant get help from d.s.s.

lets not make it to complicated we need an increase in the allowance and thats the end of it.

we save N.H.S. £25-000 per person per year we also help re bed blocking as most of us want our relatives home as soon as poss.

i can see one problem at the moment we have 6 million carers 5 million "share" care work and dont claim allowance about 780-000 work as carers full time and not just the min 35 hours, if the carers allowance was doubled as was reported in IAIN DUNCAN SMITHS work for conservatives it would add 1.5 billion to the total bill but still value for money and should be paid with our sate pension as well thats if we live long enough to claim pension
problem- if it was at a "high" level say at £100 per week i think you would see a lot more people "caring" for disabled family members and it could push the total amount of carers well over the million then the powers that be would no doubt again look at the allowances if more and more people moved into "caring" the allowance i think would be discredited.
Hi everyone

Carers UK member Preethi Manuel, who has cared for her daughter Zarah for 19 years, spoke to the all-party parliamentary group the other week. She told the MP's "I'm a modern day slave".

You can read more in the "Carers in action" section of our website
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... 1184923872

It's an interesting idea Cheryl about the CA - you should make sure you post it up at www.newdealforcarers.org

Preeti Manuel saying that Carers are modern day slaves is 100% correct, certain members on this forum have attacked me for saying that same thing, if this government does not take the carers plight seriously then as someone of gordon browns own inner circle said, the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider, if this continues he said he could see civil action being taken to the streets, slaves we are and slaves we will remain untill we shock the politicians by not voting for them at elections, vote for any party, just dont vote for any of the normal three regular parties, if enough carers, there are six million of us, decide to vote for any of the other parties it will shock these uncaring political parties into action.

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Carers are NOT slaves. We have free will.
Tha's really all I want to say on the fundamental principles.
But I would add that this apparent freedom is grossly abused by the politicians who know right well that we seldom use our right to walk out. Carers benefit as it exists grossly discriminates against working carers, student carers, older carers etc, and is completely inadequate and counterproductive. In some ways I wish they would just abolish it...kill it dead. We could then hand over care to the very expensive professionals, they would panic, and we could all become paid home carers and support workers for each others carees, with a decent salary and an index-linked pension plan. In some ways that wouldnt be a bad solution. Don't know about you, but I find being a carer a pain in the right royal ass sometimes..