Disabled & Elderly People : Supported Housing At Risk

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A disturbing article from today's Guardian that will be of immediate concern to some readers :

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... ed-housing

The government must not force me and other disabled people out of our homes
Tessa Bolt

Any alterations to the supported housing rules that force disabled people to either live with family or in an institution would be a huge step backwards

I would say to the government: “Stop and think about what you are doing!” It’s good to save money; I am not against changes. But things have to be fair for everyone, and until you can guarantee that changes won’t take away people’s homes, independence and happiness, then these are changes that the government can’t afford to make.

A very controversial issue that is worth reading.

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Today's Independent :

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 20721.html

Tory policies will deny homes to hundreds of thousands of pensioners and disabled people, warn housing chiefs

‘If this is not fixed, it could be really disastrous for large numbers of older and vulnerable people’

A taster :
But the National Housing Federation (NFH) is alarmed that housing associations are now refusing to build them because the Government has thrown their future funding from rent into jeopardy.

Its forecast is a staggering shortfall of 300,000 homes by 2030, of which 240,000 are sheltered properties needed by pensioners.

From April 2019, housing benefit in all social housing will be capped at the level of the Local Housing Allowance (LHA), used in the private rented sector.

Crucially, the LHA is calculated – like the removal of the “spare-room subsidy” – on the basis of household size, rather than the size of the property.

That means a single person, or a couple, living in a two-bedroom home will have their housing benefit capped at the one-bedroom LHA rate.

The impact will be severe across the Midlands and the North, where lower private rents will mean a lower one-bedroom LHA rate, threatening tenants with huge benefit cuts.

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The worst is yet to come ....