Disabled Carees ? Most Less Equal Than Others ?

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Alarming findings show progress towards equality for disabled people over past 20 years has been ‘littered with missed opportunities and failures’, says Equality and Human Rights Commission
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Alarming article in today's Independant confirming that the Pogrom against our disabled carees , and us by assocication , is continuing , with this report on the price being paid by so many.

Just one quote as a taster for the rest :
Revealing what the Commission described as “failure” by the Government, the report found that 18 per cent of disabled people aged 16-64 across the UK were living in food poverty, compared with 7.5 per cent of non-disabled people – showing the disabled community is more than twice as likely to struggle to pay for food than the rest of the population.

18% ? How many with carers ?

Another reason why Trussells and other foodbanks are seeing record number passing thrugh their doors.

In both CarerLand and our parallel world , CareeLand , surving is the name of the game.

As for living ?

Postponed for the immediate future.
A little more , and certainly more cutting , on this Issue from the Morning Star :

https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-7 ... od-poverty

One snippet worth quoting for more than one reason :
The findings will inform a report by the UN on how Britain compares with other countries with disabled people’s rights.

Co-founder of campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts (Dpac) Linda Burnip explained that disabled people are more likely to fall into food poverty as they have extra costs.

She told the Star: “People are particularly worried after the cuts of £30 a week to PIP [personal independence payments]. People don’t have the money to buy fresh, good quality food. People are not getting the right social care to prepare food, and microwave meals are faster.”

Dpac attended a meeting with the UN last month to discuss evidence of the Tories’ “grave or systematic violations of rights of people with disabilities.”

It also presented the case that deaths of claimants during government welfare reforms were avoidable.

“Disabled people’s rights are going backwards. It’s scandalous. It’s something that’s never happened before,” said Ms Burnip.

“Having signed the UN Convention on Disabled Rights, the government should be building on that.”

She said that it was reminiscent of 50 years ago, when children in poverty lived on jam sandwiches and dripping sandwiches.

Dpac is launching a legal challenge against government cuts to PIP and employment support allowance (ESA), and told the Star it has several legal experts on board.
Note what was said , and what proposed action is specified.

No charity organisation could do either under the gagging order imposed by Government.

Options ? Either change status or remain as they are.

Remain ? Their members should be aware of their shortcomings when it comes to anything confrontational.

To suggest anything else ......