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Yet another think tank comes forward with a plan to save cash for the government ..thats all it is to try and save 350 million quid which in the scheme of things aint that much at all..to listen to them as they talk of long term sick which may inculde people who have been sick for as much as 3 weeks ..3 weeks what a joke ..the G.P`s just dont want the hassle and many dont have the courage to refuse someone a sick note ..but we will end up with people who are sick and will not seek treatment and many with mental health problems being put under more and more pressure to remain at work or being forced back to work to early, last week when talking of early diagnoses of dementia it was claimed early detection can help the patient we can look at medication and help the patient with time away from work to decide the best form of medical support ..it looks to me as if you have what may be dementia the G.P. cant even give you a sick note and the indepedant doctor thats if he / she is a doctor/G.P. the best you can expect from them is J.S.A not E.S.A and help in getting back to work ...
When i was at work with brit rail and metro we could take 6 months full pay then 6 months half pay when sick then they would find you a "light post duty" thats if you could not return to your usual job when fit ..hope they dont stop any of that ....
Given the fact that ATOS aren't meeting the current targets for assessments, this is going to cost a lot more than it would save.
Another stroke of beurocratic genius!!! Image
Another thing for the goverment to waste money on again. Who knows you best? your doctor! who knows your conditions and how they affect you? Your doctor! who does your treatment (apart from the hospital etc if you have one) Your doctor!

I thought ATOS did this already! your doctor says your not fit for work so you get a note and ATOS decide if you can/cant work. In their case ATOS think your lying and so is your doctor.

It was not that long ago that people were saying your doctor knows best about you and why dont ATOS take any notice?

What another waste of money and to put more pressure on the sick and disabled and people with mental health problems. They just to NOT listen nor CARE.

It's not that simple hun.

Even ATOS test you to be sure that you really can't do the things you say you can't - such as walking distances, reaching etc.

The system is also out to get those of us who are suffering from mental disabilities too. Most of the current criteria don't make allowances for what it is like to be living from one minute to the next without taking your own life or hurting yourself in some way - and that's just depression I'm talking about.
I know its not that simple. I agree the current system does not provide for people with mental health as i suffer from depression myself. to me this new thing is a waste of money. yes i also agree that ATOS test you to see if you cant do what you say but they also get it wrong.
This is not yet government policy, the report will not be published until Monday, probably best to wait until then although I can see how the ideas reported so far in the media would be attractive to government.
The fact that it fits with current "thinking" suggests it's more likely to be accepted as policy, even though the practicalities are far different.
If I believed it was to be done in the best interest's of the patient ... then that would be great; but sadly I suspect it is for the good of the economy and to channel more money into the govts coffers. There's probably even a % attached. X amount of people will be deemed fit for work etc

I've had two periods of longterm sick time off in my career - both due to operations - I'm not a shirker - but nor could I have gone back to work any sooner and carried out my job safely for both me and my class.