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Financial Assessment review. - Carers UK Forum

Financial Assessment review.

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Until assessment or is it a means test my wife attended a day centre for one day per week payong only for lunch and 6 hours per week from Crossroads. I meet the cost of daily care. After assessment I must pay a further £58.75 for the day centre and possibly £16 per hour for Crossroads care although I cannot get a definitive answer to the later. Anyone else been through this?
As this forum shows many LAs are changing their charging policies, some are at the consultation stage, others have already made decisions so financial reassessments are likely to become more common.

You say that you have been told that you will have to pay £58.75 for day care provison, is this £58.75 per day? If it is the cost per day it is around double the charges which charged in some regions of the country, it costs our LA £30 per person per day for local day centre provision, the centre caters for a variety of needs, elderly, physical disability, LD and mental health, I would ask your SSD why the cost of their provision is so high compared with other day centre provision.

As far as the Crossroads care is concerned, if you have to pay for this yourself, it might be worth checking out the hourly rates for local care agencies, ours vary, it may be that you could get the care more cheaply if you are willing to shop around, you should be able to get a list of approved care providers from you LA and you can also check their ratings and read inspection reports on the Care Quality Commission website:

The Local Authority are using self-directed support named "My Care My Choice" to move the financial burden to the user. One day per week at a day centre, weekly cost of respite care and Sunday centre for dementia patients provided by Crossroads and previously in receiept of a LA grant, all free or heavily subsidised will now cost those users who have been prudent and provided for old age aproximately £150 per week. This equals a reduction of over 23% in my wife's and my own net income and is before costs of £83 on personal care. Why put such a burden on us, we have a fixed income and saved to be comfortable in retirement. Surely the impact of these changes could have been staggered. Image Image