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Did anyone see yesterday's heartbreaking Dispatches programme on palliative care? It was extremely difficult to watch. Another confirmation that hospitals are not safe places as they are intended to be. But we all know how poor hospital care can be, especially for the elderly.
Good care doesn't make good TV, and there's the rub.
You could make the same kind of programme with a twist arguing that an ordinary semi is a truly lousy place for a sole carer to provide quality care for a demented/quadraplegic/disabled caree...
Fact is, caring for very elderly and frail people is a very, very tough job, and it doesnt matter who does it, nor in what setting, they will fall short in some way, sooner or later.
Ironically Britain does much better than most countries on palliative care, so it is a lot worse elsewhere.
I don't think Britain does that great on palliative care for the needs of the 18-40 demogaphic Rob - at least not in my son's experience (and that of his friends in the same age group).

I suppose it depends partly how you define the borderline between care, and palliative care, but my guess is the sample size of that agegroup is probably too small to draw any statistically significant international comparisons.
There is simply zero provision especially for those suffering from "orphan" conditions. As I have mentioned before conditions like cancer cause 10% of palliative care deaths but receive 90% of the funding - that has to change and soon.

People wonder why i dont want the old doll in hospital or even a care home , in 1997 i was looking into the possibility of STAN entering a care home , we checked out dozens, some over 20 miles away , we just wanted a good decent care home, sadly not one was acceptable to me . then as the years passed , even the N.H.S was not providing good quality care, and as we all know if it was not for family members "visiting" many elderly would never be fed, cleaned , toileted ... and they talk of dignity , respect & compassion, all 3 are available, but generally within the elderly disabled persons own home provided by a family member / carer ..
All I can say is that the staff and facilities at BLESMA's care home in Crieff were absolutely superb and far in excess of what we as a family could have provided at home. Furthermore, I have met many young people with severe disabilities in Scotland receiving excellent care and support in domestic scale hosuing and care services run by charities and housing associations.
So, I beg to differ with both perceptions.
Care provided by charities and specialist organisations is generally always far superior to state and private sector provision. The government should be giving funding to the not for profit providers.
the not for profit volunteers can now borrow cash from the big society bank, to be paid back with interest ??
the volunteers will be doing the job that ex care workers used to do for a salary ... yet those at the top of the charities will get paid a handsome salary for recruiting volunteers ....who will be working to secure their benefits or just to back the big sociaety ..

the R.A.F. care home in Rothbury is the only care home we would ever use , but sadly they can no longer care for patients who need medical care and support 24/7 ....we have just been told that the old doll can have 2 weeks respite care at Rothbury FREE BUT, BUT, BUT as she needs constant care she needs a carer ME the cost for me will be reduced to about £400 per week ,,, cheaper if i share a room with her , dont mind sharing on holiday, but for respite care ...come on what a cock up ...the whole worlds against me honest it`s true ....

she has been invited to the ex p.o.w. reunion , May 6 at the arboretum , hotel for 2 nights , in Dudley , they have said they will pay for me as her carer , and my own room ....
Many charities use volunteers but not usually to replace paid workers, George. Certainly not where I work.

Repaying a loan with interest is fine, but how can a charity do that without the income to pay it back?

Excalibur, there are some excellent examples of care provision out there - and some really rubbish ones, often in the same authority area with no obvious rhyme or reason as to why.