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Dept of health - Paul Burstows - Carers UK Forum

Dept of health - Paul Burstows

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
There will be another email going to this dept. If anyone has any specific questions they want asked, please post here or send me a pm. Will post further replies here too.

[quote]Thank you for your recent email to Paul Burstow about support for carers. I have been asked to reply on Mr Burstow’s behalf.

As you will know, the Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for financial support for carers. I note that you have raised your concerns with that Department and trust that you receive a helpful reply.

I can assure you that the Government recognises that supporting the physical and mental well-being of carers helps carers carry out their caring role safely and effectively and keeps families together in their own homes for longer. The document The Coalition]
Tell them we could die waiting - oops maybe that's the plan!!! Image

Tell them to stop wasting money and time on more debate and more reviews - just divi up now - cheaper in the long run! Image Image Image
[quote]The document The Coalition]

PMs have been sent asking to get the above clarified.

Any others?
all of this help and support is MEANS TESTED ,,,,,,,,,,,,the war disabled and those carers with private pensions will still have to pay out of their own pockets .....
Whilst all the rules will be carefully worded to ensure that those on benefits don't qualify either! Then the whole thing will be subject to assessment by some employee of the LA who isn't actually bothered whether or not you get the support you need! Then the assessment form will be full of tick boxes that most of us don't tick because we are individuals with different needs!
And so it will go on and on and on! Image
PLEASE MISS!! I GOT A QUESTION! he says with hand up Image can you ask when the medicals for DLA comes will it be actual doctors that do it or white collar workers who dont know anything about disablement or illnessess. and will it be fair assessments and how much its going to cost this government to do it and wheres the money coming from to do these assessments? seeing that the country is in debt
PLEASE MISS!! I GOT A QUESTION! he says with hand up Image
I do love it when you dont have to train a man twice Image

Made a note of your question Doug. quite a few in now. Will give it a few more days then send them in.

WOOF!! WOOF!!!! rolls over Image Image

when will everyone be entitled to direct payments. is my question little miss sweetiepie..
i know im creeping hehe