An extract from an article , January 2017 , appearing in the Yorkshire Post , a final article of a series on Dementia.
Cost of dementia care in numbers

Dementia costs the UK around £26.3 billion, with an average cost of £32,250 per person.

Two thirds of the cost of dementia is paid by people with dementia and their families.

£4.3 billion is spent on healthcare costs.

£10.3 billion is spent on social care (publicly and privately funded).

£11.6 billion is contributed by the work of unpaid carers of people with dementia.

There are around 670,000 carers of people with dementia in the UK.
The amount stated for our contribution is , probably , understated given hidden costs involved with caring for a caree with dementia.

For once , I'll let the numbers do the talking .... they speak for themselves !