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CUK AGM : This Thursday , 10 October - Carers UK Forum

CUK AGM : This Thursday , 10 October

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
NOTHING on the forum , just an item on the main CUK site :

https://www.carersuk.org/about-us/agm-m ... conference

I assume that all reading this have had their invites ?

For the x year running , no Internet coverage ... not even Carers Radio ?

Given the " State of Caring " , should be on par with other events going on ... the Extinction Rebellion perhaps ?

If nothing else , the debate on " Fairer for Carers " should be interesting ... ???

Oh well ... nice to know that CUK have OUR interests at the forefront of what ever they are doing now ?

( Anyone planning a food bank stall outside ... in the heart of corporate London ? )

Still , why do the members really matter except to provide donations to help keep CUK afloat ?
Where is this event?
As per the link supplied :
Carers UK AGM & Members' Conference 2019.

Thursday 10 October 2019.

Clifford Chance, Canary Wharf, London E14 5JJ.

10.30am - 4.30pm (registration from 9.30am).

Every year we come together to discuss issues affecting carers, report back on the work of the past year and look to the challenges and opportunities ahead as a supportive community and a movement for change.

We would be delighted to see as many of our members there as possible. The event is free to attend and registration is now open.

In contrast , try the report from the 2012 agm .. and the meet up between forum members :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/admin-an ... 2012%20agm

I wonder if ANY of the posters on that thread now share the same enthusiasm for the CUK of 2019 ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:59 pm

I assume that all reading this have had their invites ?

For the x year running , no Internet coverage ... not even Carers Radio ?
Hello Chris

In response to your question, all 26,000 Carers UK members (including users of the Forum) have been invited to our AGM and Members' Conference by email or letter. We also sent a couple of reminders and included information on our website and in the recent issue of Caring magazine. Nearly 300 members have registered to attend and everyone who applied for a bursary to cover travel costs has been given one.

It should be a really enjoyable and informative conference with sessions on carers breaks, carer wellbeing, juggling work and care, carers shaping and making change and GP support for carers. There will also be a speech from our Chief Executive Helen Walker, and Linda Jaggers (a member from Wales) will be telling her caring story. It's also a great opportunity for carers to connect with each other and with staff and trustees. Any Forum users will be really welcome to come and chat with us at the membership and volunteering stand.

We'll be taking video clips of some of the sessions, as well as interviewing some of the members who attend, and we'll share these with you all in our next members' newsletter.

I look forward to seeing some of you on Thursday

A far cry of those of a decade or so ago , Michael.

The forum was awash with themes and dicussions prior to the ag , even Matt Hill participated ... for example :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/admin-an ... eview-3676

( From an old section of the forum " Withdrawn " by CUK. )

Suffice to say , both the forum and CUK have lost too many veterans since then ... what remains is a poor substitute ... both for
CUK and , more importantly , for the carers of 2019.
Yes, I received my invite, thank you. Unfortunately I didn't know if I'd be able to attend and then I forgot about it! If at all possible, it would be nice to get a reminder to register, either by email or via reminder under the all about caring page.

If you Carers UK did put out a reminder, I'm sorry. Maybe next year?!
Is any of the agm recorded for us to see later? YouTube or another link. Would love to be able to view the proceedings!
Since Carers Radio ceased their live broadcasts , nothing ... not even a transcription ... has been published on the internet.
Maybe CUK could put something on the main website and give forum members a link to it? Not much to ask surely?
These days it's almost a given. If only for legal reasons. But Carers UK should want to publicize its meetings, surely?