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Crunch time for MPs to commit to carers - Carers UK Forum

Crunch time for MPs to commit to carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Latest blog post from Gordon on yesterday's roundtable,


Phil Hope talked about not what he will do for carers but for what he has done for carers ( not that much if we are still fighting ) , he therefore talked about the P.C.T`S failing to spend the 150 million quid given to them for carers breaks he as far as i could see had little to say .
Stepher O`brien said from the start that the conservatives would retain both the attendance allowance and the disability living allowance for the over 65`s , his party would also look at the payment of carers allowance to pensioners and would also look into the level of earnings that carers can recieve before they lose the allowance thats all well and good for those who can both work and care .
i have no idea what "FLEXIBLE WORKING FOR CARERS" means = well it must be for working carers not us at home 24/7 dont working carers have laws set in place now to protect them ..
To me it looks quite clear that the 24/7 carer will receive little or no help .
Liberals will increase the carers alowance as per the 2008 report if i remember correctly that increase was set at 2 levels one in line with J.S.A. and the other at a higher level for heavy end care nowt about looking after more then one disabled person....
so what do we do well for a start a hung parliament with the milk monitor Nick Clegg holding the balance will do nicely as long as Gordon is not Nick Cleggs new best friend.

the more talking we do the less gets done, it`s just tinkering here there and everywhere a wee bit here and a wee bit there, a bit of cash for them, that`ll keep `em quiet for a week or two , aye give them some respite care breaks even if they dont get any time off it`ll look good in the press .
do they ever listen no they dont.

i have never voted any other way then Labour but you must vote with your wallet and if they can protect the disability allowances for the over 65`s thats what we have to do
Is he going to post all the responses to the questions submitted by carers?

I'm having a word with Gordon about this. I'll get back to you soon.

Sam Image

Have you had any feedback from Gordon about Carers questions?

You last posted on the 11th March and we are still waiting for a reply from Gordon!

Some of us took the time and effort to participate at least he could do is to reply. Image
Dont worry we will all be out of poverty by 2018- if we last that long...
Silence was the swift reply!!!!!! Image
Hell everytime I think of 2018 there will be no carer poverty. I keep thinking two things, 'God damn I'll be 38!' and 'Where the hell did they pluck 2018 out of the air from?'
Hell Simon, I'll be 72 and a lot poorer than I am right now !
'Where the hell did they pluck 2018 out of the air from?'
The Strategy came out in 2008 so 2018 was in 10 years time. They published as a ten-year plan.

But 2 years into the 10 year plan and there has been a deafening silence as to how they are going to end poverty for carers - we have been pushing for a timetable of reform to Carer's benefits but no reply....

8 years and counting....