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copy of letter written to my local council.. - Carers UK Forum

copy of letter written to my local council..

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I agree. Well said Audrey.
Well said indeed. And well done on refraining from the use of sarcasm (something I find difficult in letters like this).

I'm sure I'm not alone in asking that you post up their reply ifwhen it arrives.

It takes bit of bottle to write a letter like that. Good for you, Audrey.

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Well done Audrey!
That's a fantastic letter Audrey - you'll be getting requests to write everyone elses!! Image

Glad it made sense to you, written and sent in a huffy moment earlier today.
I wouldn't be able to write so eloquently when I'm huffy.
But honestly, they do behave like dipsticks dont they?
In a huff, I probably would have included that in the letter Image Image
Nice one, Audrey.

One of the problems with standardised forms. Stops councils having to think, but frankly it's insensitive: yet another reminder that the condition won't ever improve, and having to "prove" it time and again.
Nice one Audrey Image Image Image
Great letter. I look forward to seeing how they respond

x x
Well done Audrey, go girl, go.

I have been having an ongoing battle over our council tax. When the new financial year started after S turned 18, I received forms to fill re single occupancy and 25% discount etc I filled in the forms in, explaining that although S had turned 18, because he had special needs he was still at school as SEN pupils are entitled to an extra year.

They ignored this and started to send me bills, because my rate had gone up, my direct debit was no longer being processed and they claimed I owed back pay on the 25% and the rest due to the direct debit stopping.

I contacted them and they said I had to prove that S it and get a letter from his school to do so and prove he had no income and prove he only received EMA. I duly got all this evidence and sent this off, but then got more requests to back pay the 25% I hadn't been paying.

I rang them and then found the sent info on file, but said this did not automatically get paid to the finance dept ... (err, why not?) and that I should ring in a week or so to check it had. (err isn't that what they are paid to do?)

For awhile all was sorted, but this new financial year, I have received the same thing again ... I pointed out they had the proof, that he was still at the same school and didn't leave until end of July .... I guess come end of July they will be charging him again ... I think I'll send the bill to social services ... as due to them not making a decision over his future placement we have no proof of him being offered a place to carry on his study nor does he have any income from benefits and I can see him (me) having to pay council tax until social services make a decision.

It is all these unnecessary hassles that wear us out.


PS it is about time officialdom realised that dementia, autism, learning difficulties etc etc is a life long condition ..... and incorporated a tick box on their forms to indicate this ....