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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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On the positive side, it's high time we had a popular revolution in the UK, and I have a funny feeling that we may be heading in that direction. I think the Army and Police are on our side already!!!
received from Alan Wheatley

Green party re DLA

[quote]The Green Party's response to the government consultation on changes to Disability Living Allowance was forwarded this morning to the Department for Work and Pensions.

The consultation will affect at least 3 million people, and it is one of the most important and controversial aspects of the coalition government's proposed welfare reforms.

Alan Wheatley and Dr. Joseph Healy, Green Party spokespeople on disability, said]
The closure of the ILF, the plan to remove entitlement to DLA from 20% of claimants along with the plan to remove the mobility component from all care home residents and all over 65s, cuts to income-replacement benefits, including benefits which pay towards housing costs, cuts in social care and further cuts to come, the future looks bleak and especially bleak for those who have no family to support them both practically and financially
The whole concept of personalisation choice and control is a smoke screen. The real reason behind personal budgets, direct payments and so on is to remove responsibility from the state and shift it on to the individual.
I am sorry to say everybody will become responsible for their own care, sickness and disability in the future...

There is also the matter of £80bn wiped off value of pensions after inflation rate was underestimated for 12 years...

Read more]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1ERucxCrF[/url]

Excalibur, Image

Egypt in America?

In a time when large and tense demonstrations have become increasingly rare in America, the Wisconsin protests could provide an Egypt-like moment...

http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2 ... of-America
The pension uplift issue is a technical blip, there is no accurate and impartial way to measure inflation, so experts will always disagree. Makes a good headline though!
Oddly enough, the USA is so steeped in individualised rights, and so awash with small arms, that a true revolution is almost impossible there. Chances are they would all shoot each other whilst arguing about the wording on the posters!
Coalition under fire for changes to disability benfits
The government's own advisers have criticised its planned overhaul of the disability living allowance

The government's plans to overhaul disability benefits have come under fire from its own official advisory body.

The statutory social security advisory committee is questioning the motives for the proposed replacement of disability living allowance (DLA), paid to almost 3 million people to help with the costs of a disability.

It is also opposing outright the separate move to withdraw DLA entitlement from people living in care homes who receive it to help with the costs of transport.
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Mobility payment cuts would 'reduce independence of the disabled'

Ministers have been told by their own social security advisers to abandon plans to cut £160m of mobility payments to disabled people – because the move would reduce their ability to lead independent lives.

A new report by the independent social security advisory committee, which is appointed by ministers, will pile more pressure on the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, to scrap the controversial proposals affecting about 80,000 disabled people in residential homes.

Disabled groups have already launched protests against the move, which they say will "imprison" disabled adults and children in residential homes, limiting their ability to mix in communities and see their families. The intervention by the committee, whose role is to offer ministers independent advice on proposed changes, gives a huge boost to their campaign
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