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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP - Page 5 - Carers UK Forum

'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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can I ask all of you to write your MPs and oppose this change to entitlement and to support any campaign which opposes it.
I know how busy you are Annie but maybe you could put together a quick template using your points above. Will make it easier for members here to use. We could give it its own thread in campaigns section.

Not sure if I read it right as only skimmed through it fast, but has the qualifying period been changed too. Now 6 months before the claim and 6 months after.
It says you get PIP instead of DLA as a continuing entitlement after age 65. PIP includes a mobility component an as far as can be gleaned at present it continues to pay for Motability cars.
The quote above was from the Consultation, the Welfare Reform Bill states that DLA will be abolished and replaced by PIP and in respect of persons of pensionable age:

[quote]81 Persons of pensionable age

(1) A person is not entitled to the daily living component or the mobility
component for any period after the person reaches the relevant age.

(2) In subsection (1) “the relevant ageâ€
I read about it yesterday and my MP already has my e-mail about it.
Consider a stroke victim, who may have paid national insurance for decades before incurring a severe impairment from which there is no prospect of recovery. If they have even a low-paid working spouse, the bill will cut their money off cold the moment that 12 months have passed. Prompting incapacity benefit claimants to consider their options is eminently justifiable, since some could indeed work. But this is hardly an argument for punishing other recipients who either cannot work at all or else cannot find suitable jobs.
The New Poor Law
A few statistics: According to the government's own figures just over three million people are in receipt of DLA, 1.8 million are of working age which leaving 1.2 million who are going to be effected by the removal of entitlement to DLA to those of pensionable age. Of the working age group other sources suggest that 400,000 are aged between 60 and 64.

The removal of entitlement to DLA/PIP will approximately halve the number of claimants entitled to DLA or its replacement PIP, some of whom, those on lower rate care component and/or lower rate mobility component, will not be entitled to AA and all of whom are currently entitled to it will lose their mobility component.
Goodness me, is there no end to their duplicity??
So "pensionable age" could mean less than 65 for some women in the transition to retirement at 65. But will it increase to say 69 when they change the pension age?
The cut-off date for both men and women for claiming DLA is currently the 65th birthday and this remains the same. The Bill states that the age of 65 will remain the date of withdrawal when the State Retirement age increases: "if higher 65".
So even when the state retirement age rises to 69 or whatever the PIP will end at age 65, is that what this means?
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