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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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I think this really proves that the government claim to be targetting those who are not trully disabled was yet another outright lie, they have used scrounger claims whipped up by the media to leave the most vulnerable in society high and dry.
Where is the fairness they bang on about all the time?
Of course those M.P.'s with disabled relatives need not worry as they can afford to provide transport themselves and have absolutely no idea what it is like to rely on benefits and services.
I am particularly disgusted with Cameron who claimed to "understand" the concerns of parents with disabled children.
Its very worrying when your child has a disability that doesnt require high medical needs, how will they sort out the learning disabilities I wonder, if Sarah loses her DLA then in effect she will have to do without a lot of things which isnt fair on her but we just cant afford to do them with our income.

I am disgusted in Cameron I really am, I voted for him because I thought with him having had a child with a disablkity he would understand, clearly hes not on the same planet as we are
It never seemed right to me, ofcourse they have gone through the most dreadful thing in having and then losing Ivan but his waffle about finding DLA forms confusing, Mrs C running her company, never a hair out of place and other kids to look after as well.
This is the thing though how could such wealthy people ever know what it is like to depend on DLA, CA and services, they can only see it from their own perspective of no financial worries.
It's no different to the whole new baby business, she is a new mother but not as others.
I have not had an opportunity to read the consultation yet but this quote from the consultation on the blog which Rosemary posted the link to is totally inaccurate:
Instead, each case will be looked at individually, considering the impact of the impairment or health condition, rather than basing the decision on the health condition or impairment itself.
Entitlement to DLA is not based on the health condition or impairment itself, it is based on the care and mobility needs which arise from them, if a consultation is knowingly based on false premises the consultation is also knowingly false and therefore meaningless.
Not sure -could the author of the blog be referring to Disability Reform in this section:
6. Currently individuals on DLA with certain health conditions or impairments are automatically entitled to specific rates of the benefit without a full assessment.

We propose that for Personal Independence Payment there are no automatic entitlements , other than the special rules for people who are terminally ill. Instead, each case will be looked at individually, considering the impact of the impairment or health condition, rather than basing the decision on the health condition or impairment itself.
It was kind of predictable that this would happen, after all, the disabled and those who care for them have long since been seen as "scroungers", regardless of any conditions/impairments that they have.

Polititions in general have long since given up fighting for us and our rights. We have always been the lowest of the low and I'm sorry to say that I don't see things getting better in future Image

Just out of curiosity, how can "No-one really have a bad back"??? I've had one for over 4 years now as a direct result of having to pick my caree up off the floor by myself. I don't know what it's like to get a day free of pain and yet my caring continues day in, day out and I'm doing it all on my own like so many others out there.
Carers are something like 50% more likely to have a bad back, Summer Hope, but the point in the earlier post is that it's an "invisible" condition that can be "exaggerated" by those who decide to play the system.

Personally I have no problem with weeding out the dodgy claims but this proposal is nothing to do with that. I haven't gone through it all yet (had to prepare a half hour presentation on the subject of "what is the government doing for carers?" for an event yesterday. It was depressing for all of us) but what I have read shows a staggering level of ignorance.
I assume it's my post being referred to with regards "Bad back", it was intended as sarcasm in that in certain circles scroungers are known as the bad back brigade which is why I said "ofcourse no one really has a bad back" clearly intended to insult ALL, as many people have bad backs as anything else.
I read it as you intended, Vicky, I too get sick of the constant association between having certain conditions such as a back problem or depression and skiving/scrounging, I am sure that a priest I met with cancer of the spine would have something to say had he not died, likewise the friend who had depression and drowned himself Image .
'Disability benefit helped me, it can help others. Stop punitive reforms'
Peter Beresford, chair of national service user network Shaping Our Lives and professor of social policy at Brunel University, explains why he has signed the petition to stop the reform of disability living allowance and why benefits and social care must be seen as a complete system.

Two things that go very badly together are populist political ideology and welfare benefits reform. Sadly the Coalition government has not been able to resist what it seems to see as easy political targets in its headlong rush to cut public spending.

see in full here
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