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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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I'm absolutely fuming after just hearing this about dla payments and also motorbility payments...how dare they take off societies most vulnreable people that are so tired after caring possibly dont have enough strength to fight this..ok i agree with the "bad back syndrome" as there are a few local to me that dont seem to have problems in cutting trees down or doing car repairs but i feel this is just a cover to take money and services from those that depend on it.This goverment has already proved they have no qualms about stopping money where its needed most.
If my partner looses her disabilty or any part of it it will severly affect our life..if i loose my carers allowance i then loose the abilty to do shopping..yes thats what i use this benefit for..if we loose our car how in hell do i get my partner to hospitals and clinics and as we live in a semi rural setting how can we get out and about..im not disabled but i have severe arthritas (osteo) in my both hands and knees i have problems in walking most days even when taking my medis...its about time all us carers stood up for our rights and took on this shambles of a goverment and told them exactly what we think of thier proposed re-think on these vital life giving payments..for far to long now carers have been taken advantage of and we have saved succesive goverments millions of pounds now they aim to destroy us completly.
Im soo mad
While Millbank swarmed with student protestors and Mumsnet buzzed angrily about the reductions to child benefit, away from the glare of publicity, disabled people and carers mourned alone. The cuts to benefits and services affecting us really are a matter of life and death, so why the wider silence? Perhaps it's because the benefits to be slashed are poorly understood and after years of tabloid scrounger stories the assumption is that people who claim them are living a lifestyle choice of state-sponsored ease.

Come out of your comfort zone - read in full here
Miller savaged over cuts to Disability benefits

Furious politicians and disability campaigners have attacked the minister for disabled people after she tried to justify the latest round of government cuts to disability benefits.

Activists, and MPs and peers from more than 10 disability-related all party parliamentary groups – including those on disability, learning disability and autism – were particularly angry about government plans to remove the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) from council-funded residents of care homes.

see here
It`s a god job her constituent was not resident in a care home, she would have been there to take the car from him , as residents of care homes can no longer receive the mobility component of D.L.A.

Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke, presented the key of a new Motability car to constituent Aaron Morgan on Friday 26 November 2010. The presentation took place at J Davy Basingstoke, West Ham, Basingstoke, RG22 6PL.

Aaron, 20, is paralysed from the waist down following a motocross accident when he was 15. Aaron says “I’ve always been a massive fan of motor sports so when I found out after the accident that I could learn to drive at 16 I signed up for lessons straight away. I passed my test first time and applied for a Motability car, I can’t believe three years has passed and I’m now collecting my second one.â€
Thanks for posting that Fluffycat. It is elsewhere on the board too.
That group have done extremely well to get so many names in a short space of time. It shows the power of the internet.
Only 4500 odd signatures on that petition, would have thought it would be a hot topic.

You don't hear many MPs standing up and criticising the proposed changes to DLA. Seems they would sooner play the "lets bash the scroungers" card and get votes from The Daily Mail's readership. Good luck to them I say, they don't realise what a fickle bunch they are courting!
Disability charities raise welfare concerns
Disability charities have added their voices to concerns about the Welfare Reform Bill, published today by Prime Minister David Cameron.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) and Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) have raised concerns about the move from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is one of the measures included in the Bill.

NAS expressed the fear that the change would result in those with hidden disabilities like autism missing out on vital benefits.
The Tory government's objective is to completely trash the NHS and Welfare Benefits.

These are not reforms, this is just wanton destruction.
The Welfare Reform Bill contains measures which will remove entitlement to DLA, or its replacement PIP, from claimants when they reach State Retirement Age, DLA currently continues in payment after pension age for as long as the claimant continues to meet the eligibility criteria. This what the Consultation, which had not yet closed before the Welfare Reform Bill was published, says about individuals already in receipt of DLA on reaching 65:
10. Support will continue to be provided to children and adults up to the age of 65. Individuals who receive the benefit before reaching 65 may continue to receive Personal Independence Payment if their needs continue. We will keep the upper age limit for receiving the new benefit under review, given the changes being
made to the State Pension age.
In order to meet the additional costs of disability claimants will need to claim the less generous AA which has no corresponding Mobility Component. Loss of the higher rate of Mobility Component will result in loss of entitlement to the exemption from payment of Vehicle Excise Duty, loss of access to the Motability Scheme and loss the automatic entitlement to a Blue Badge.

Unsurprisingly there was no publicity about this change to entitlement nor any campaigns to oppose this move and it has received no publicity since the Bill was published but the arguments which were made against the removal of the Mobility Component from care home residents apply here, perhaps even more so because claimants will not have the social contact which care homes provide but will be restricted to their homes unless someone is willing and able to take them out.

This loss of entitlement will also not only impact on those who are currently in receipt of DLA and over or nearing retirement age, eventually effecting all people in receipt of the Mobility Component whether in receipt of DLA or PIP, but also on their carers. Some of the people who will be effected are themselves carers and use the Mobility Component to visit their caree in hospital, to enable them to accompany their caree to hospital and other appointments and to engage with their caree in other acticvities as well as to go out themselves, where the caree is themselves in receipt of AA for many disabled carers this will no longer be possible.

I am one of the carers who will be effected by the removal of DLA and the loss of the Mobility Component when I reach 65, I know that I am not alone and that there are other members of this board who will see their carees lose their Mobility Component if this part of the Bill becomes law, can I ask all of you to write your MPs and oppose this change to entitlement and to support any campaign which opposes it.
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