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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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The government's targeting of the disability living allowance reveals a lack of compassion

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ACTNow response

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Virtually all the proposals have very high process costs and will also take significant numbers of health-care professionals from the front line into form-filling jobs. And the only way to make savings is to tighten the criteria, which will result in massive resentment and probably be completely unworkable anyway. Its another Poll Tax Moment, isnt it? Still, what the heck are the Lib Dems clinging on in there for, propping up this minority administration of Upper class twits?
The government's targeting of the disability living allowance reveals a lack of compassion

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if you read one of the comments some d***head says that some people's disabilities will disapper once the money dries up. that is what carers are up against.
if it ever happens that mal loses his DLA i will say fine you look after him ,and hope they dont call my bluff
I was told it was to be called the N.W.M.== not worth much
More like W.F.A

Worth F*** All Image

I'm all for simplifying DLA but this takes the biscuit. Looks like the reform is set to screw over people who have disabilities that fluctuate and exacerbate sporadically.
I think those comments are aimed at all the bad back claims, coz we all know no one really has a bad back Image
I do wonder though about the massive hue and cry that is going on right now over University fees when there is a point in there worth considering but the disabled and carers response looks more like a resigned acceptance and yet the consequences are far worse than say for instance a well paid doctor having to pay back the money that got him into his well paid job in the first place.
I really think the tables have turned and we could all learn something from our young people, at the very least it's hugely embarrassing.
The word compassion doesn't exist in the mechanism of government nor does it balance the books

I agree, the children and students of today are going to end up paying for this economic mess. Image

The strategy is to move everyone off DLA under the age of 64 , help them find a job to help their health and well-being. ( don't shoot the messenger).


The rights of a disabled person have been established in law. (Work)

http://www.un.org/disabilities/conventi ... full.shtml

Carers Rights
The rights of Carers have been established in law (Work)

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Wor ... ghtsatwork

Social Care

Finally the plan for the future!

[quote] Burstow]

Valuing People Now: The Delivery Plan 2010‑2011
To ensure that the Personalisation agenda is embedded within all local authority services and developments for people with learning disabilities and their family carers, and is underpinned by person centred planning...

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I agree Vicky. Trouble is a feeling pervades still that some carers and their carees are cheating the system and I think this creates a feeling of defeatism because getting into the work place for both is seen as the be all and end all of being a successful outcome. This is not ever going to be possible or even in the best interests for some carers and their carees because the barriers are not just social ones. For goodness sake why do we have to constantly justify what we are entitled too.
Disabled children hit by Residential Education Transport cuts

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Two more Ps added to the Con Dem Dictionary
The Con Dem Coalition members are unlikely to be on the receiving end of many of the decisions they are now making. I just hope there will be a system in place to pick up the pieces of their decision-making.
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