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'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP - Carers UK Forum

'Consultations' for DLA to be renamed PIP

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The proposals set out in the new consultation are centred on creating a clearer, more targeted benefit, with an objective assessment, designed to enable disabled people to participate more fully in society. To mark this important change, the Government proposes that DLA will be renamed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and will continue to be paid to people in and out of work.

see details here

DWP site
I was told it was to be called the N.W.M.== not worth much
DLA's replacement – personal independence payment – will be a non-means-tested and non-taxable benefit, available to people in and out of work, like its predecessor.

However, the reforms will tighten eligibility in several ways]

communitycare - read in full here
[quote]Neil Coyle says:

“The combined effects of the Government agenda for DLA risks meaning disabled people are unable to participate, less likely to work and more likely to live in poverty. Disability Alliance also today began consulting on DLA to ensure a thorough investigation of the issues involved. Our research will be an in-depth analysis of DLA use, disabled people’s needs and potential risks in the Government plans.â€
This is simply shameful.
My impression remains that the government fully knows that they are doing by stigmatising benefit claimants. They are scaring people who are fully entitled out of claiming what they rightfully could receive. That’s a very mean-spirited way of reducing cost.
From DLA to PIP- read in full here
Registered general nurses will be included in the medical professionals. Some of them have NO IDEA of disability of any sort. Health care in hospital is NOT the same as caring for a disabled person.
There is no mention of Learning Disability nurses being used. A lot of disabilities may not be illnesses,so how are nurses going to make judgements?
THis is very frightening.
I don't want to be an alarmist but I'm extremely concerned about the Governments proposals published yesterday to scrap DLA and introduce a new benefit to replace it - Personal Independence Payment. They hope it will reduce expenditure from the cost of DLA by 20%. This must mean many existing recipients will not get the new benefit. Every existing recipient will have to reapply for the new benefit and have a face to face assessment from a `professional.' They propose no or fewer automatic eligibility and regular reviews.
Perhaps it just might be better for disabled people and their carers but I fear this is just another cut. I hope many people will respond to the consultation and send their views to the DWP..
from this thread http://www.carersuk.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=14041
Previous Tory views on benefits

see here
Maria Miller Paxman moment
It's astounding that the government doesn't seem to have any idea of the effects of the policies it is proposing despite many disabled people being quite clear it will be catastrophic for their lives.
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