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Social care is part of the Department of Health remit but the questions were answered by James Purnell, Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions which seems a little odd. Is social care moving to the DWP, unlikely but as they pay out benefits might they eventually become responsible for administering the payment only of Individual Budgets or are disability benefits going to be administered by the DoH as a consequence of all care-related funds being rolled up into one payment in which case what happens to individuals who receive disability benefits such as DLA and AA but are not in receipt of any social care services?
You might find this of interest Annie.

http://www.in-control.org.uk/news/news_ ... newsid=101

Just how many people are going to receive at least £320 a week in council care funding.With all the cutbacks and eligibility being tightened just who is going to be eligible for support.

I cant find it as yet,got that many files and folders on this damn pc ( like we all do Image ),I forget where I have put stuff but I have a report somewhere that goes in to the benefits in depth regarding services.Will look again later.

I am in contact with a lad in next town who uses the new Individual Budgets and for him they work great but I am also aware,like we all are and some here experiencing, wherein care services are drastically needed but being turned down.

There is no consistency .

ROSEMARY what gets me going is the fact that the old doll needs constant care she has had just 10 months ago an independant medical for the veterans agency the medical lasted 2 hours and she was reasessed at 100% yet she is not at deaths door if she was to ask for some kind of social care they would say she is not disabled enough thousands of disabled will fall through the net .

can you imagine the row that would erupt if WAR DISABLED PENSIONERS started to lose things like A.A. which in turn would stop their carer from getting the C.A. who ever plans all this stuff just aint got a brain .

This is something that actually terrifies me George.We will never get a perfect system but for me the direction this is all going,I just feel more and more will slip through the net like you said.
Direct Payments etc do work,we have seen evidence of that from members here.We also know where they have not worked for others.The problems lies in both accessing them if you want and IF eligible and what is in place for those who chose not to have them.

In simpler terms,a carer must 'work' for a minimum of 35 hours per week to get CA.That is full time hours.Yet on assessment some people are lucky to get just a few hours per week.Surely for those able to get CA,having to work for 35 hours per week means a disabled/ill health caree needs an equivalant service and as carers are the only ones who can provide as many hours as that, they should be recognised for what they do.

The old doll is lucky to have you George just like every carer here cares for their loved one but there are so many who dont have family,who have noone to look out for them.

There is a network in place now that the government should be supporting and that is family carers of any category be they working or not,retirement age or not,healthy or not.
Whatever figures are used ,the fact remains carers save this government billions.

Just how long before LA's have to reduce budgets again.I dont mean just now like we know they are doing but also in 3/5/7/10 years time as the government pushes DP's forward more and more.

The government love long term plans but do most of us here really need a crystal ball to tell them what is going to happen.

The above just a few of my own thoughts but I think we better batten down the hatches as I think what carers are going through now is a stroll in the park to what is to come.
I dont mean that to scare anyone as I know typed words can do that at times.Just I feel so so strongly that when next week comes the Government will NOT have listened and taken the wrong turn.

This is something that actually terrifies me George.
You are too easily rattled, Rosemary. Lets all take the long view. At the present rate of change, less than 25% of the current lot of MPs will still be sitting in the chamber by the time anything actually happens, generations will have passed. Shouldn't we be calling for radical change, not holding change back? The system is obsolete, and for the new generation of people with disabilities growing up; like my son; who at 15 already employs his own PA, operates his own bank account, attends mainstream college, and travels across the world with volunteer support, more change is needed, not less.

An old friend of mine came up with this bombshell today] - my sister was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome about 4 months after she was born. My mother received a pre-printed slip with... 3 boxes. "Your daughter is :
a.An Idiot
b.An Imbecile
c. A Cretin"
The letter b was ticked.

We have come along in this country over the last 55 years, and we have many concerned people and many service-user meetings designed to give those with learning difficulties a better future with more choice. Unfortunately none of those meetings ( with highly paid people sitting in them) produced any action which ensured she gained more independence before she died a few years ago. [/quote]
Thread June 2008 - Jan 2010.... you disappoint me Rob. There is a lot more newer stuff that you could have tried pick me up on Image

As for being rattled you know me better than that Image
This is something that actually terrifies me George
I stand by those words now, even more so than I did back in June 2008. You and I are among the lucky ones Rob ,wherein we have great support packages for your J. and our R. but that is not the case for everyone, especially the elderly. Just reading this board on a daily basis shows how the system is failing.So yes we need a new one but at what cost.
I am not against change but I am against a govt steamrolling ahead with proposals that have not been fully discussed,options left out,no funding models available.

Even some younger disabled are being penalised. Many who attended local day centres are finding they are losing their placements due to closures/lack of funding.Many dont qualify for DPs etc. It is these that need our help too.
a.An Idiot
b.An Imbecile
c. A Cretin
There were four categories lunatic, idiot, imbecile and cretin.When I did our family history it amazed me that families had ticked these boxes relating to family members.

( not my own you understand Image )