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Computers for Carers.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
This charity have been going for quite a while now and maybe useful to someone.

This charity have been going for quite a while now and maybe useful to someone.

Thank you for the link Pixie I will add it on our websites.
I thought Wendy was referring to the 400 protest marchers too ... are we being damned with faint praise, was the quote too gnomic to be decipherable, or do we have a suprising new CPA evangelist in our midst? If so, welcome to the fold.

That's the trouble with written irony and unexplained quotations, you need to imagine an arched eyebrow or a dramatic pause, or write in your own annotation; and somehow it never reads the way it was intended ....

Oh well. Back to slaving over a hot malfunctioning computer network, it's a tough life but somebody has to do it ..... Image

PS, where did the potato peeler icon go, btw, Wendy? I loved that, it struck a note of heroic defiance. Or something. A bit like wielding a rolling pin.

PSS, What is this thing with spuds? Image

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Image Image Image
I remember that, it was good fun Image
I have brought Annabs link back to the front. So continue any discussion about tatties here
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Means this thread can get back to computers for carers.
maybe we could make a pc rom spuds? u can make a spud radio?
sorry back on subject

So wots happening about this and is there anything that can be done by others to help out getting computers for carers proper recognition?
Link the threads and you get this:

1. computer potato
A computer potato is one who downloads media through file sharing networks such as bit-torrent and spends much of their time watching shows obtained. The type of media could range from movies to anime to japanese drama episodes.
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p ... r%20potato

Potato-powered computer
Chips with everything, even potatoes

By BBC News Online internet reporter Mark Ward
UK technology enthusiasts have found a way to power a computer using potatoes.

The computer fans, who run a website called Temple ov thee Lemur, decided to build the spud server because someone bet them that it could not be done.

Although science kits that power a digital clock off a potato or two are available, few people have tried anything larger.

Steve Harris, spokesman for the group, said to lighten the load on the potato power pack the group had first to make a low power version of a web server.

Hi guys, i thought the potato stories had had their chips and we were moving this thred back to chips of the silicon variety! LOL

Seriously though, there are times I would have been lost without Internet access.
Some months I really had very restricted time out and needed the company places like here provide and sadly in that respect, I suspect I'm not alone. Image

How do others feel at times, could you honestly cope without this window's access to the outside world? Image

marie x
I've had a computer, one way or another, since 1987. But I didn't get connected to the internet until 2001 because I simply had no interest until then - in fact, it was my job that made internet use important because it made information tracking so much easier. But it wasn't until 5 years ago that I came across the CUK web forum and started to take an interest.

Here I can be a carer first, and a carer's worker second. Can't do that anywhere other than on the net.
when i was lil my dad had a commodore and we used to right games- that was fun and then when i had amy i got given a computer and my mum and dad paid for my internet for my birthday, well the connection. And it opened the world up, i was a single parent with a dissabled kid, and on that i could be excatly that- and i met matt that way, i wouldnt have joined the single parents club gingerbread, i got out and me and amy got to be social, my biggest thing was joining this site- i wouldnt be with out it, when i was suffering with the depressionthe people on here got me through.
every one should have access