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Computers for Carers.

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I was in my local paper last week, and on Womans Hour campaigning for 'Computers for Carers'
Many computers end up in landfill sites or are sent to 3rd World countries which actually is not very environmently friendly.
When a carers computer breaks down, often they are not able to pay for a new one so wouldn't it be great if we could set something up like Tesco's have 'Computer for Schools.'
Why not 'Computers for Carers and disabled.'
I do realize that Tesco gives vouchers for new computers but waiting for any ideas of how we could pursue this quest.
I have already contacted the major supermarkets.
Please let me know your ideas.
best wishes

You can still listen to last Fridays programme 15h here
Hi Wendy

Congratulations on getting the media coverage. and this is a great idea. PC's and internet access can help carers get information and find support.

As a general comment on your idea - one of the biggest obstacles to overcome with a proposal like this is how do you decide which carers get a computer and which don't? and how do you let people know?

Any company involved in donating PCs will want to know how you propose to do this. For example if you say you have to be in receipt of Carers Allowance, then this rules out many who fall foul of the overlapping rule. How do you prove someone is a carer? A scheme where individuals can apply for a PC does have it's drawbacks.

One way round this is to get companies to give machines through a local carers centre or carers group, in the same way the Computers for schools idea works.

Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your reply and yes there are many obstacles that is why I am open to suggestions.
At the moment I am in contact with a council recycling company across the East of the country.
If a member of chill4 is in need of a computer then I put them in touch with this company.
For a very small fee they will deliver but there is no knowing when a computer will be available.
At least it is a start.
I think that if the large companies did offer us help then we would have to come back to the main carers charities but then again it would still be difficult to prove that someone was a carer.
Unless the stipulation was that we had known them through our forums for a certain length of time.
It is difficult but I just feel that there is such a need out there and to hear that computers are going to landfill, breaks my heart.
thanks and please keep letting us know any thoughts.
Thank you Tony for your kind words.
I had another thought if it was all done correctly then carers could get some sort of confirmation from their GP to prove they were carers.
I have not contacted the computer companies but I will give it a try.
As anyone any idea how I do that, should I write to folks like Packard Bell and Dell?
I will also try PC World.
please keep letting me have any thoughts you have about this.
This is a brilliant idea Wendy, computers are lifelines for carers - I can certainly vouch for that!

Why not try the Dixon Group head office, they own PC World - you never know, they might be able to help.

Keep us posted on your progress and if you need any help just shout!

Paula xx
How about contacting Sir Alan Sugar, that might be a good start to go down, just a thought Wendy Image

Tonyxx Image
Hi Wendy

What a brilliant idea as Paula said computers can be a lifeline to Carers! I think that this is where a Carers Register would certainly be useful.

Well done for getting media attention for CarersWeek.. Image

Take care
M x
Some more enlightened local authorities are paying for carers to have laptops, I know East Sussex had a scheme like this. Certainly in the spirit of equal opps... Id be interested to see other schemes.
Check this out Wendy,


Good luck

Thank you all, I will try your ideas.
What brilliant news Clare to read about the Sussex scheme.
For a carer who is at home 24 hours a day a computer gives access for them to do their grocery shop on line, access information and most of all keep in touch with friends and family.
Let us hope that someone will listen to Carers about the computers.